IOS Game: Space Settlers review

Adventurous real-time strategy and Sci-Fi game enthusiasts are buzzing with delight at the unveiling of the new Space Settlers game for iOS devices. Developed by Digiarty Software, the game has been modeled keeping in mind the hordes of iPhone & iPad users who were earlier not able to play real-time-strategy (RTS) games on their respective devices.


Space Settlers boasts of a captivating storyline that revolves around the fancied God Particle dating back to 13 billion years and Dark Energy, the powerful energy source existing in the form of a crystal. Add to that, a scientist named Hawking (who has a mastery of theoretical physics), attaches a powerful computer to his brain in order to manipulate the utility of the God Particle. The headquarters of the Space Settlers also provides its new settlers to search for treasures left by ancient creatures in an imaginary placed called Terra, which was abundant in great technological remains.

Space Settlers iOS game review


Space Settlers has an exciting gameplay with some breathtaking adventure. Users can expect to fight it out during the innumerable battles & combats operations in challenging surroundings like steep mountains and open spaces in the universe.

Space Settlers is easy to setup and play specially the multiplayer modes that are a huge hit among the online gaming fraternity. Game players can expect to get cool rewards with the conclusion of each level; every new level amplifies the challenges and difficulties faced on the previous level, which is a good thing for brain sharpness. Users can also view ensemble videos of some of the best performances of individual players in completing the game’s various stages on YouTube.

Standout Features

Users can build powerful mechanical chariots with the availability of over 100 chariots and also get access to amazing blueprints of as many as 25 types of mechanical chariots with every passing tech level.

Users can also drive chariots, launch attacks on fortresses either for themselves or for their legion, get access to game resources, annihilate enemies, conquer new planets, learn advanced tech maneuvers, etc.

Users can amplify their attack speed and range, energy and propulsion while beginning attacks or counterattacks.

The multiplayer battlefield of real-time strategy genre with intuitive attack and locking features is both a visual treat and easy to play.

It offers synchronized chat systems and automatic enemy planet search capabilities, allowing each player to build peer-groups of their choice and fight together with their buddies.

With attractive, dynamic and sharp picture quality, godlike music and a chic-style, this game allows users to access graphically inspiring visuals, rousing sounds and thrilling strategic game plots for free on iPhones and iPads.

Hardware Compatibility

The game was designed keeping in mind the iOS 4.3 operating system or its later versions, which means it shall work well on iPhone, iPad and iPod.


Space Settlers has all the ingredients for being a chart-buster on account of amazing game controls, fascinating storyline, ease of use, and impressive graphics. It can surely boast about being one of the finest multiplayer RTS games ever made for iPhone and iPad gamers. Space Settlers can be downloaded from the online Apple or iTunes Stores across the world. For more information related to the game, users can read the Space Settlers Press Kit or by visit the official Space Settlers website.

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