Some Computer Tips to Consider

DellComputerEverybody wants to get more out of their computing experience but in order to do so, you should buy the latest equipment and newest software packages. We all want to keep up with the times, and make sure our love of Halo or World of Warcraft is not hindered by poor computer performance. The trouble is that people neglect to acknowledge some of the most helpful tips, regardless of their computer proficiency.  Listed below are some tips on how to optimize computer-related equipment for a better experience.

The Keyboard

Ever since the mouse was invented, people have used it to perform functions over the keyboard. The issue here is that the mouse will break at some point. Even the touch pads that are built into the laptop act up on occasion and the way to rectify this problem is to use shortcuts on the keyboard. These shortcuts would be a huge help save for the fact that most people are unaware of them. Even simple commands like Ctrl + C, Ctrl + S and double clicking a certain word to highlight it can be confusing for a lot of inexperienced users. Learning these will help you in the long run. You can navigate around the computer like a professional without touching your mouse once.


Here are the most commonly used PC and laptop shortcuts users can benefit from:

Ctrl + C                  For copying selected items

Ctrl + P                  For printing documents and certain pages

Ctrl + Home        Brings user to the top of the document

Ctrl + V                 For pasting copied items

Shift + Home      This short-cut enables highlighting from the current position to the beginning of the line

Shift + End          This short-cut enables highlighting from the current position to the end of the line


The items below are useful shortcuts people who often browse the Internet can utilize:

Ctrl + K                  Takes you directly to the search box at the upper right, where you can search Google, etc.

Ctrl + L                  Takes you to the URL field to type in a new web address

Ctrl + T                  Opens a new tab

Ctrl + D                 Bookmarks the current page

Ctrl + (+)              Increases font size on any webpage

Ctrl + (-)               Decreases font size

Ctrl + 0                  Returns font to original size



When a new piece of software comes along, what do you do? Add it? Not necessarily. How many toolbars do you have on your web browser? Is it full of the ones you do not use? Pick the one you like and stick to it. They all do, more or less, the same thing anyway.

Also, how much software do you need? Quite often, you will download a package and not notice the add-ons that are sneakily installed along with it. There are typically useless to you and your computer. Be picky. When the time comes that you need to delete software and free up memory, you will find that 60% of the software on your computer is never even used and this is worth checking. This can be done by going to your Control Panel, and then to Programs and Features. Here, you will find all the software that is installed in your computer.

These are very basic computing problems that everyone experiences and if you know what to do, they are entirely remediable. Learn the keyboard shortcuts you can use and in no time, your computing experience will be enhanced. If there are some things that you cannot quite comprehend, you can make a call to the software maker’s toll free number and get all the information you need.