Smartphone as a Gaming Platform

Smartphones are found today almost everywhere. The reason is that people nowadays are living in a fast-paced world, where connectivity is essential. Smartphones are advanced version of their standard cellular phone counterparts. They are equipped with faster and more powerful processors and larger memory. Smartphones are now capable of functionality and features not usually present on standard mobile phones. Standard mobile phones are only capable of making/receiving calls and sending/receiving text messages. Their display is usually smaller and has lower resolution than those found on smartphones; some cellular phones even have monochromatic or black and white screens. These limitations make standard cellular phones less suitable for gaming; only casual games are usually present on them. With the advent of powerful graphics processing in smartphones, more advanced games can now be developed and made on them. These advancements made gaming in smartphones more diverse, since more genres are now possible to be produced and developed. The growing popularity of smartphones because of its capability not just for communication purposes but also due to its countless other applications make it a suitable platform for gaming and other entertainment use.

Here are some of the perks of smartphone gaming:


Games everywhere: it all comes down to this. If you’re an avid gamer, there should be no limitations on when and where you play your games. Mobility is the main reason that people use smartphones for gaming. Almost majority of famous games are ported to smartphones from other consoles and even PCs because of popular demand. It is now possible to play your favorite game everywhere. All you need to make an effective gaming smartphone is lots of storage. Expand your memory space if your phone supports it so that you can download and install more games than you originally can with stock memory.


Even high-end games on smartphones cost less than those on dedicated portable game consoles, even if the games are just the same. Some are even free but they have advertisements in them that may disrupt your gaming sessions.


One reason that people prefer gaming through their smartphones is because of its capability to connect to high speed Internet sources, e.g. broadband and wireless Internet. People can share their gaming experience with their friends and contacts using the same gaming app they use for playing. Some games also support sharing and connectivity using social networking sites, making multiplayer gaming more enjoyable and fun. Game developers use this scheme to increase the number of players of their games, thus directly affecting their business because of the increase in purchase or sponsorship. If a certain game title is successful, fans may request for a sequel. If the developer is also successful, they should have the resources to make another game directly tied to their successful titles. This makes the cycle repeat over and over again, making sharing and connectivity a very important resource for both the players and the developers.

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