Security Apps Designed for Your iPhone 5

Truth be told, a lot of people all over the world, business professionals included, invest on that sleek and shiny kit of Apple’s standalone mobile phone, the iPhone 5. Why wouldn’t they, when coupled with VoIP services, iPhone 5 gives you big benefits like voice and video calls, instant messages, conference/group calls, among many others?

To give you a picture of how Apple’s latest version of the iPhone swept away the global smartphone market, here are some fast facts:

According to International Data Corporation, a global telecommunications expert based in Massachusetts, United States, there were a total of 1.7 billion mobile units sold globally last year; of which, 712.6 million are smartphones. Apple’s iPhone represents 135.9 million of the total smartphone units sold around the world.

Barely three days after its release in the third quarter of 2012, iPhone 5 entered the smartphone market with an explosion, with 5.2 million units sold online and in-stores. Over 2 million iPhone 5 units were pre-ordered in its first 24 hours. iQmetrix, retail management software provider, said that iPhone 5 now represents 22% of the 57% operating iPhone units in North America.

iPhone app developers also earned a revenue of more than $6.5 billion last year with 700,000 apps, including security apps, downloaded 35 billion times from Apple’s App Store.

Although Internet/3G/4G-enabled smartphones are undeniably beneficial, security issues like privacy and web authentication can be a real pain in the head. These can potentially turn away any iPhone user who has Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP service (read more) on their unit as well. Trust me, criminals such as hackers and thieves simply can’t just wait to get their fingers on and in your iPhone.

So here are some security-oriented mobile apps for your dear Apple unit:

With this app, iPhone users no longer need to fret if they either have paranoia over mobile phone interception or are into businesses that require secure communications. Kryptos is a VoIP app specifically designed for the iPhone, which can give users military-level AES-encryption on their phone calls. Although this app is downloadable for free, monthly service costs are at $10.

Norton Snap is a QR code reader which can be downloaded from the App Store for free. It screens web URLs and automatically asks the user whether or not they want to enter a particular website. Norton Snap also provides the user with a database that red flags bad links.

From the app name itself, we suggest that this should be among the first apps you must put in your iPhone. Apple’s free “Find my iPhone” app allows your unit to be tracked anywhere using your phone’s GPS-based location-aware feature. With this app installed on your phone, it’s possible to track the location of a lost or stolen iPhone using Apple’s website or another device that runs on iOS (iPad or iPod Touch).

Foscam Surveillance Pro app enables an iPhone user to check on his house or another property using an IP camera, which can be bought anywhere, and a stable Internet connection. You can have at least 6 cameras on your screen or cameras capable of pan and tilt motions.

This app allows an iPhone user to arm or disarm and check on their alarm system status, among many other tasks, using their phone.