Samsung’s Christmas “Light”: The Samsung Galaxy Beam

Everyone needs to stay connected nowadays. And, as the holidays approach, it even more important to stay connected to friends, family members, loved ones and (most especially) co-workers who are trying to get things sorted out at the office before taking time off for the holidays.

If you’re looking for an early present, giving someone a brilliant business phone or just an excellent smart phone with which he can stay in contact with clients, colleagues, and personal connections may be the ideal gift.

One of the best choices in that respect for this season is one of Samsung’s releases – the Galaxy Beam.


–          OS: Running on the ever-reliable Android, it runs on the “Gingerbread” incarnation of the OS. While that’s certainly no “Jelly Bean”, it does the job pretty reliably for users who don’t need all the bells and whistles.

–          Dual Core 1ghz processor, giving it decent, reliable processing speeds.

–          The 2,000mAh battery installed in it shows that the Samsung Galaxy Beam is long-lasting and powerful, capable of handling hours of use. Not only that, the Galaxy Beam is packaged with a spare battery with the same power capacity, which gives the phone double the usual use time of other phones.

–          Touchscreen display, 4”, with 480×800 screen resolution. This makes the Galaxy Beam compact yet capable.

–          The projector button and app: this is by far the most attractive of the Galaxy Beam’s features, as it can project content from the phone onto a blank wall or a screen for work presentations and the like.

The Pico Projector

Many might consider the Samsung Galaxy Beam a “mediocre” phone, mainly because many of its features are pretty standard at best, and because other phones (including other models of the same brand) tend to have even better features. But apart from some of its features being less competitive than most, there is something that makes the Galaxy Beam stand out – its unique Pico Projector.

The bottom line is this: The Pico Projector is a powerful beam embedded onto the edge of the Galaxy Beam. It’s is fully capable of projecting items on the phone’s screen onto an available surface. The beam’s projection has an nHD resolution of 640×360. While this may be nowhere near an impressive IMAX-level of projection, it is more than sufficient to have various applications:

–          Project videos for viewing in a whole room, provided you have a standard dark environment that does not compete with heavy outdoor light. The projection itself can be set to high contrast for best viewing.

–          Project presentations during meetings, both scheduled and impromptu. This allows businessmen to bring their presentations along and deliver them to different clients, as needed. Sales agents may be able to present videos and presentations as well to their customers with the use of the Beam.

–          Add to decoration or mood for rooms and areas. In more casual use, the projector can project images or moving graphics onto the wall of a room to add to the look and atmosphere of the area.