Samsung or Blackberry?

With the many available smartphones in the market, you may be confused and challenged to choose the one that fits you. The overwhelming features might lure you to the point that you don’t consider the price anymore. However, during these times when the financial and economic crises are still affecting all of us, it is still very important to be wise when spending. So, you should not instantly go for what is the most popular brand. Sometimes, it pays to do some research and comparison first before deciding to purchase a unit. Aside from iPhone, among the most popular smartphones are Samsung and Blackberry. At first look, you might not see the difference among these brands. But if you look at their specifications and features, you will realize that each brand has its own advantage than the vs blackberry

So to help you decide if you will buy Samsung or Blackberry, consider the comparison below.

  • Samsung Galaxy S II Plus. This is the latest phone from Samsung. It was announced January this year and was made available February. When it comes to style, the body is long and thin. It has a length of 4.93 inches and a width of 2.60 inches. Its thickness is 0.33 inches. It is also lighter compared to other phones as it has a weight of 121 grams. The Display size is also wide at 4.3 inches. The type is Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen in 16M colors. When it comes to storage, you can store a lot of music and video files. It has a card slot for microSD that is expandable up to 64 GB. Aside from that, the internal memory has 8 GB with a 1 GB RAM. That is a lot of space for your files and documents which you can access anytime and anywhere since you always bring your phone. If your hobby is to take photos, you will love its camera with 8 MP LED flash, 3264 x 2448 pixels, and autofocus. Aside from that, you will enjoy the features such as image stabilization, face and smile detection, touch focus and geo-tagging. With these capabilities and features, you can capture more quality photos.
  • Blackberry Z10. If you want a longer smartphone, then this phone is right for you. It has a length of 5.12 inches and a width of 2.58 inches. It is also thin at 0.35 inches. The weight is not as light as Samsung Galaxy. It weighs 137.5 grams. It also has a card slot for microSD card that can be expanded up to 64 GB. It has a bigger internal memory of 16 GB with 2 GB RAM. The camera will not disappoint you. It is also 8 MP with LED flash, autofocus and 3264 x 2448 pixels. It has features such as face detection, continuous auto-focus, image stabilization and geo-tagging.

These are some of the phone specifications of the latest from Samsung and Blackberry. Apparently, Blackberry’s has more storage. In terms of dimension and weight, Samsung has a little edge. Both can be used to access phone services such as internet fax. Generally, Samsung units are more affordable as compared to Blackberry and other brands. So, if you are on a tight budget but wants a unit that has a lot of functions and features, then Samsung Galaxy S II Plus is for you. But if you want a unit that has a faster operating system, then you might want to choose Blackberry Z10.