Samsung Galaxy S4 For Release On April

Apple and Samsung are two of the most sought after products of today’s smartphones. As Apple is gearing up for the Iphone 5s and the rumored Iphone 6, Samsung makes their move and sets their Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement on March this year.

Rumored photos of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 are all over the internet, teasing all the loyal Samsung users. The Samsung Galaxy 4 which is rumored to be released as Samsung Galaxy IV has a codename “Altius” which also served as a replacement for its previous codename “Project J.” From Samsung news website SamMobile, it was stated that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will ready its release on April 15.

SamMobile, which is one of the most trustworthy sources when it comes to Samsung devices, also added that the mobile device will come in two colors, black and white. They also claim that Samsung’s next flagship device will have a 2600 mAh battery.

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Meanwhile, Reuters have a few other suspicions of their own, including that the new Samsung Galaxy phone may have a flexible, ultra-tough touch screen. If that comes out to be true, then Apple has something to worry about.

However, Samsung Vice President JK Shin said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will not be released at the MWC event this March. Shin revealed that their newest mobile device will be coming out “soon” but did not reveal any specific dates or anymore details.

But SamMobile gave out other information about the specifications of the S4. They confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have wireless charging. Along with the device, Samsung will sell a separate dock and a back cover which will enable the device for wireless charging capabilities.

Aside from what has already been confirmed by the website, listed below are other rumored specifications of the next Galaxy phone:

  • Galaxy 4 is rumored to have an Exynos 5 Octa which means an 8-core CPU as well as an 8-core GPU.
  • It will boast a 4.99” Super AMOLED Full HD Resolution Display.
  • 13 megapixel rear camera which is capable of producing 1080p Full HD videos
  • 2 megapixel front camera which shoots 720p HD videos
  • It will run an Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean.

Although some of these specifications are just rumors, Samsung does makes sure that they offer “new” features and more advanced specifications than their last ones. The company has become a true competitor of Apple products, it receives as much as hype and anticipation from the consumers especially those who are die-hard android fans.

While Apple is currently gearing up for their latest products, Iphone 5s and the rumored Iphone 6, Samsung is making sure that they also have something that the market will have to watch out for. The two major mobile device companies are considered to be the top two leading corporations when it comes to phones. It has always been a debate regarding which one makes better phones, but that can only be answered by their consumers and perhaps the few reputable review websites who make fair judgments on these things.

While specific details about Samsung’s latest device is still undisclosed, Money Today reports that Samsung has already ordered 10 million Galaxy S4 components per month. This means that the company is expecting sales of 10 million units each month, following its release date on April.