[Guest Post] SaaS Usability: Revamping the User Interface (UI) with React JS for Growth

Nowadays, “SaaS” is creating a buzz in the market and the reason behind this is its several magnitudes in terms of usability. With the advancement in technology, new features are also discovered in the usability of SaaS which is a renowned software distribution model that is gaining high popularity over the internet.

Before we discuss the growth of SaaS in the market, take a look at what this term means:

What is Saas?

SaaS stands Software as a Service. It’s a cloud-based service that allows users to access an application through an internet browser instead of downloading the software on your desktop or business network.

The software could be any office software or other business apps. SaaS technology is loaded with several features and is very well known for its variety of advantages, including accessibility, compatibility, and operation management.

Not only this, but it also offers a lower upfront cost in comparison to traditional software download which makes it easy to be available to several businesses.

Growth of SaaS in the Market

Behind the working or absolute performance of SaaS, there is a provider that centrally hosts its products for the customers. It provides the customers with complete ease of accessing and utilizing the Saas through internet browsers.

Saas usability reactjs

So, one can conclude that SaaS has totally transformed the whole software delivery concept and still is coming up with new features to meet the user’s expectation in the best possible way.

We all know that consumers are the king of the market, and they are the reason behind the success and growth of any business or brand and the same in the case of SaaS product growth.

If a consumer is satisfied with the SaaS product’s accessibility and usability, then there is no doubt they are seeing the value in your platform.

Therefore, SaaS companies are working hard towards the primary motive of meeting each customer’s expectations with SaaS, and Microsoft is a perfect example of it.

Yes, Microsoft is one of the successful SaaS businesses with an annual growth of 45 percent.

And if you are thinking how they achieve this milestone then the secret is that the company focuses on the overall design of Saas application that enhances the user experience, and the second secret is their adaptability to change.

These two points are the key ingredients of Microsoft’s success.

Let’s discuss the future growth of SaaS in the market. Below, we have listed some statistics that will help you to know the major growth of SaaS products in the market in the future. Take a look-

Expected Growth of SaaS in the Market

With the below statistics, you can easily come to know about SaaS’s promising future in the coming years.

The above studies clearly show that SaaS is creating valuable space in the market and will surely meet the expectations of more and more users in the future.

Major Points Challenging the Success of a Traditional SaaS Product UI:

Besides the SaaS growth in today’s modern world, there are a few challenges that this technology has to face, and one of them is increasing customer engagement on a long term basis.

There is always a hunger among SaaS businesses to boost customer engagement to a great extent, but they fail to do so on a long term basis. It’s a big challenge that businesses generally face.

If, in case you are also planning the same, then you should make a smart move of optimizing the UX with the assistance of custom SaaS design. After all, it is one of the best options to reach the goal of boosting customer engagement.

Talking about the SaaS application design, then it works to help you to reach your goal. Even the product owner first identifies its functionality and then develops it for the SaaS software that caters to both business and end-user goals.

Apart from this, there are a few other common UI issues that a business should consider. So, what are those issues? Do you also want ways to overcome these issues? So, you must check out the below-listed points-

●     Basic Layout

The first on our list is the layout that comprises several elements that you make accessible at the end of the user interface on the dashboard. If we say clearly, then elements could be anything that the user always scrambles on a web application such as search window, sidebar, etc.

When you have so many elements on a platform, then how would you arrange it to narrate the story of your business to the layout structure? Seems difficult? Not at all. Below, we have mentioned the ideal solution to this issue.

  • Possible Solutions:

Undoubtedly, no one can deny the fact the homepage always makes the first impression on the website’s visitor.

Online business owners are always on the hunt for the best ways that can assist them in grabbing the attention of the users when they log in on the site. Here we want to highlight a solution that is super easy and results in fewer errors as well.

The simple solution to this issue is to choose a progressive disclosure. It will help you to come up with an impressive layout that will grab the user’s attention at once.

The term progressive disclosure is a simple method in which a few of the essential options are revealed instead of disclosing the brief information that a user might not be interested in.

With the implementation of this method, you can simply divert their focus on the points that are necessary instead of falling into the heaps of categories. By doing this, you can easily enhance the customer’s experience on your platform.

●     Ease of Use

Another point on our list is the ease of use. Today, the customer’s expectation with the SaaS product has reached a new level. So, it is highly important for any business to focus on the usability concept to taste success. If you ask us, then it should be simple and easy to use.

  • Possible Solutions:

The possible solution is to organize all the information, pop-ups, tutorials, widgets, and several other functionalities in a clear and concise manner. By doing this, such elements can easily be accessed by the user at once.

A user-friendly interface will make their experience truly a great one. Not only this, but you should also go for the simple layout of your SaaS design that can enhance the overall appearance of your site. You can even make it mobile-responsive too to gain mobile user’s attention as well.

The most important thing that you shouldn’t miss to consider is the functionality of your SaaS application.

Users or clients always strive for better ways or unique features that can turn their experience trouble-free and give them a little exposure to your business. And this milestone is easily achievable moving a step forward to a custom approach to SaaS design.

Isn’t this easy?

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have covered everything you should know about the SaaS designs. From discussing the growth of SaaS products in the market to the giving the solution of the common SaaS issues, we give you a comprehensive overview of such products that will provide you assistance in terms of enhancing the US.

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