Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Tablet PC

If you’re wondering what you should be concerned about when you’re looking to buy a tablet PC, look no further. Here are some questions to help you determine your needs and preferences in tablet PCs:

1. Do I want to watch movies and listen to music?

When you buy a tablet PC, you have to determine what its main purpose is. If you’re looking for a portable media player, then be sure to get a tablet that has at least 32 gigabytes of storage. Usually, you can acquire models that have 16 gigabytes only like the Google Nexus 7 or an Apple iPad. These two don’t have expandable file capacity like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Apple does offer iPads with higher file capacity, but be prepared to pay almost $100 more for each upgrade.

2. Do I want internet on all the time?

Any tablet can tap into wireless internet, but some tablets can actually accommodate an internet service exclusively. Some mobile phone carriers offer subscription plans for tablets that include an internet service. This usually requires that you order a device that is 3G or 4G capable. Keep in mind that this is a major upgrade compared to a device that can only support WiFi.

3. Do I want apps on demand?

You may not realize it but not all Android tablets can download apps directly from the Google Play Store. Depending on the device, you might have to acquire the apps on an actual computer and then transfer them to your tablet. Usually, the tablets that require this extra bit of effort are cheaper than others.

4. Do I want a particular app?

If there’s this one application that you specifically need for your device, take a look at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store first and see if the app is available for both platforms. Apps like Evernote, RingCentral, Instagram and SoundHound have versions for both iOS and Android.

5. Do I want a larger app selection?

You should also know that the Apple App Store has approximately 500,000 apps while the Google Play Store currently boasts around 350,000. Both stores have large selections but you can be sure that the Apple App Store has more. Keep in mind, though that there are country-based limitations in buying certain apps in the App Store.

6. Do I want something that doesn’t cost as much as an actual computer?

Just like the cell phone market, you can find entry-level tablets. These tablets usually have all the basics covered such as apps and media players, but lack high processing speed and have low file storage. Lower-priced tablets also have mediocre displays and touch screens that aren’t as responsive as more expensive models.