Most Promising Tech companies 2013

2013 has brought great revolution in the field of technology and number of companies have promoted to large extent and acknowledged around the world. Here under are some companies emerging as the most promising companies for their services and products:


Image by Flickr
Image by Flickr

1.       Facebook

Research and careful observations reveal Facebook as the most promising company around the world.. Facebook is the youngest and energetic platform that has grown very fast and beat many competitors in field of technology. It offers great level of satisfaction to its employees providing a continuous learning atmosphere. It has been proven as the fastest growing company and millions of people are using this site now.

2.       Guidewire

Guidewire is a tech company having a flexible core system and providing quality products to its users. It offers insurance as expected. A good learning and collaborative working atmosphere makes it unique amongst competitors. Targeted and single goal working is the pride of Guidewire in the field of software engineering. Challenge accepting and devotion for work are exclusive features of the workforce of the company, which becomes the major reason of more productivity for the company.

3.       Riverbed Technology

Riverbed Technology is a competitive platform with more than 2000 employees. Though it is in starting position yet its promotions and raises are good for employees as well as customers. Quality assurance is key target along with providing a challenging and creative work atmosphere that offers good opportunity to developers. It offers a great and balanced work atmosphere that makes people enjoy their job and thus, they create excellent product to get good name for their company.

4.       Riot Games

It is a great gaming platform that has emerged in business world. It’s learning and growing atmosphere provides a good working opportunity. It has a fully stocked kitchen even to facilitate the employees for making perfect gaming software. Flexible work hours and good work space make it attractive organization for employees.  Employees have given good feedback about the company. Riot Games uses cutting technology in gaming and improving their procedures day by day improving.

5.       Google

Google is really an amazing and renowned company because of its services and products in field of IT. Its excellent work culture and facilities available for workers distinguish it from different other companies. Google was established by Larry Page and Sergey Brin back in 1996 by building a search engine, and within a small time span, it touched the business heights. Google aims at providing universal information universally. It offers really great and relaxed leaning atmosphere with lots of facilities and compensations for its workers, who brought it in first line companies in the world.

6.       Workday

Workday is developing platform with collaborated and well disciplined work culture. Hardworking and devoted workers are bringing it to the dynamic world after meeting their goals. It is fast paced organization in business world that has gained a good position in business circles. Its good work environment with growing and learning dynamic culture enable its workers to really enjoy their job with full satisfaction.  Its progressive plans enhance its development speed and promote it quickly to the first ranked companies.