5 Ways to Prevent Your Phone from Application Spamming

What is Spam ?

Spamming was first associated to our PCs only. We used to open a website and within a few seconds, plenty of other unnecessary windows used to pop up out of nowhere (and they still do) – even the ones that were too smutty to even look at. To make things worse for us – spammers are inhumanely taking over our world via smart phones as well, which isn’t a joke anymore. Imagine yourself sitting in a meeting and getting tons of messages or emails from promotional pages or god forbid those horoscope websites that you once accidentally clicked on.

According to recent researches, every person receives more than 100 spam emails a day. This is why most of us don’t want to explore the “other” or the “social” sections of our email address. There are hundreds of spam recipes targeted everyday towards you. But thanks to the brainy people around us, we are now able to put a stop to these annoying spammers. There are just few simple things that are needed to be followed. Some of them are as follows:

1. Block Spam Text-Messages.

Figuring out your number or email address is a piece of cake for spammers – they can easily create thousands of email addresses (the right ones) by simply going through work places of people or the last time they shopped while using their mobile phones. This is why few of us spend years without receiving single spam message, while most of us try ignoring bulk of unwanted messages each day.

But the good news is we can block these unwanted text messages that make our phone vibrate every other minute. All a person needs to do is to modify or disable email address of their phone, whilst still allowing other imperative messages. Some carriers also provide preventive measures and blocking option to their users.

Depending on which carrier you are currently using, go to their website and see if they have policies and alternatives regarding spam messages. Make sure to remember that these methods can somehow block messages from airlines or companies that you prefer to receive updates from. Therefore, don’t forget to give them your updated address.

2.Stop Spam E-mails.


Most of the e-mail clients that we use on mobile don’t allow any filter to separate spam from the important emails. Powerful filters are necessary to prevent spam email at a large level. Even if some have this feature, we still somehow receive emails from promotion sites or other insignificant company.  But web-based email clients allow impressive filters to sort out which emails should be put in your inbox and which ones should go down in “social” or “promotion” box. Reporting spam emails is necessary as it helps identify the spammers by large email companies. This is why we will suggest you to immediately shift from mobile email client to a more reasonably good web-based email client.

3.Create an alternative email Address.

This has to be the easiest way to get rid of spammers – using a new alternative email address. According to recent surveys, almost 95% of people make online accounts by entering their primary email address, which is why they end up receiving junk emails every day. This is where the fake or disposable email address comes handy – you want to shop online? Enter your alternative email address.

You are willing to buy books online from a bookshop that keeps spamming your inbox? Give them your alias email address. In this way, you will not have to go through the hassle of logging in and going through the pile of messy emails.

4.Don’t Give Out too Much Information.

A lot of us forget to keep our mind together while we order clothes online or make any other purchase. To keep the spammers away, try not to give your personal information such as your main phone number online. Signing up for various things online automatically requires you to fill out a form where phone number is necessary.

So, the best way to keep away from these spammers is by giving out or order on your landline number. This way your phone will be less encumbered with uncalled for messages or calls.

5.Download a Blocking App.

The most obvious and easiest way to block unwelcoming spammers comes at the end – use blocking apps! Yes, this is probably the simplest and certainly a versatile way to keep the inhospitable messages and calls at bay. If you have an Android smart phone, you can download blocking apps from companies like AirG and many more from play store.

These blocking apps not only help in blocking the spammers but you can even block prank calls and other inadequate contact from your phone book. The messages and calls will be completely hidden from you, so it is easier for the users to not even skim through spam messages in your inbox. You can also send calls to voicemail box – this way you can still hear to them at your leisure time to just make sure you are not missing out on something of great magnitude.

All in all, keep in mind not to respond to the text messages or email of spammers you are least interested in, because your reply gives them an impression that you are willing to invest your time into their offering.

If you have some other tips to help prevent spam, please let us know in the comments section below.