Can Online Study (eLearning) Be a Better Path to Learning?

Technology as we know, would be something that involves digitisation. Something that eases our work through gadgets in seconds. Starting from sandwich maker in the kitchen, an online study in the study room to sleeping with an AC at the end of the day all is the very technology. Well, have you ever thought off how this technology used in different fields and how we use them? Actually we use this in our daily life to accomplish various activities and also educate online. Today the emerging technology is almost everywhere, be it at home, workplace or some place else! Let’s have a look at the places where technology is being used day by day and how we get helped by the same

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Technology use in BusinessToday technology has made life so easier. Earlier recruiting people was so expensive. Posting advertisements in newspapers and with the employment agencies were so tuff. But now no more. The business houses post vacancies in the employment sites like quicker, indeed, times, that too free of cost.

Retail houses can easily track orders through the order tracking machine and deliver them at the correct time through vendor’s order delivery display system.

In Communication– Technology has highly modified communication process. Distances does not matter any longer. Invention of telephone that has now taken the form of smartphones and tablets have done the magic. The concept of letter writing has been wiped off. Emails and fax sends message in seconds.

In human relationships- Technology has shaped human relationships to an extent. What not it does? The social networking sites like the Facebook, twitter have helped us stay connected with billions of people from all parts of the world. To say more, technology has also brought two lives together for lifetime with the help of sites like, and many more!

In education– Technology has made education process easier. With the invention of digital library, learners can easily download Ebooks free of cost, take the advantage of online study and read from their smartphones and tablets.

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In purchase- Remember how we used to shop earlier by standing in the que to get our things packed? Now think no more of that. The shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong has made life easier and we can order things and pay for the same sitting back at home with few clicks.

In agriculture- With the mobile app, Famgraze, farmers can now days get information regarding working faster and staying updated while they are in the field as well as off the same.

In banking- Moving money is now days so easy with electronic banking. With the concept of VISA ELECTRON people can now transfer huge sum of money without getting afraid of theft.

To control natural disasters- Technology comes to use in times of flood. People construct large dams to harbour the excess water that are later used to generate power.

In transportation- Can you imagine our daily life without the use of transport? This is where technology pays off the most. The planes, aircrafts, tarions and buses help communte millions of passengers in seconds.

How are new digital learning models being adopted by the business houses and what are the initiatives taken by the government to advance the usage of the digital technologies? 

Now days the concept of elearning is on the path of advancement with the progress of digitisation. Students get free exposure to rich digital content in seconds. If you have a smartphone you can easily download Ebooks and learn from the same. No costlier buying of stationaries. Apart from this where the students were left with many unanswered questions in traditional classroom setting, can be easily solved by interacting with the scholars over the web.

                UK government is taking more and more initiatives to promote and continue with the progress of digitisation and digital learning. One of the major initiatives in Europe 2020 named YOUTH will help the students take access to technological innovations and continue with the progress. This will drive growth in the future technical market.

 Impact of online education technology on student’s learning

Students learning has made good progress with the impact of education technology. The teachers and professionals on the other hand uses the form of technology to impart education online and promote business deals respectively. Given below are the rankings for the most respectful selections technology has chosen to concentrate on:

  •  Professional Development of teachers-16.5%
  •  Providing students with internet access-12.1%
  •  Improvement in mobile technologies-8.8%
  •  Computer based collaborative learning- 8%
  •  Social networking apps for education- 6.8%
  •  Digital presentation tools- 6%
  •  Tablets and ipads based learning-6%
  •  Technology based project learning-6%
  • Gamification-2.7%
  • Interactive learning-2.7%
  •  Lectures and virtual labs- 1.8%

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From the above list you can clearly understand how the effect of the new era of digitisation has left an impact on the progress of the students and the teachers as well.

The common uses of eLearning technology in classroom

Classroom studies are no longer the traditional form of listening to lectures for hours. Technology has modified the concept to a large extent. With advancements in technology, the educators have started to use blended learning process to ease the concept of learning. MOOCs or the massive open online course have also helped elearning to an extent. Students are looking forward to continuing education online and get college degrees easily.

Use of websites and social media sites- The websites and the social media sites help the students and the teachers to share educational programs. Youtubes and videos come to great help as well.

 Computer based reading programmes- The computer based reading programmes makes learning personalised that helps the learners extract the correct form of information.

Standardised texts- This helps the learners take their tests at the time they wish to and get their scores online. The flexibility of learning is maintained through the process.

Smartboards and Clickers- The teachers in the classroom uses smartboards and clickers not only to save time but to broaden the concept of learning.

Use of laptops- The resource of rich content and technology come to great help while imparting education to the students. Large no of information is easily available in few clicks with the upgradation in technology.

 The future of technology in adult learning

The future of elearning will totally depend on the world of the web. The educators as well as the students will have laptops, smartphones and tablets to access internet. eLearning will be made available in the minimum expense while most of the new born will find themselves progress through gamification.

 Online learning or elearning has to a large extent captured the growing market. From the infant to the old age, all are dependent more and more on the use of effective technology to learn themselves and impart better education to the future generations.

Author Bio: While concluding with the concept of Elearning, I would like all of you to focus on the impact of technology and the growth of it to stay advanced in the developing market. Myself Leona Sharon an educator and online education enthusiast is writing this to share my views regarding how technology and online study could be a better education platform.