Nokia Lumia 620 is a Powerful Entry Level Windows Phone 8 Device

For people who want to get started on the Windows Phone 8 platform without over-committing and without shelling the big bucks for the Lumia 920, what you need is a good entry-level phone that will introduce you to the new operating system, giving you a taste of what makes it great but not expensive enough that you will have difficulty bailing out if you find that this is not for you.

That, essentially, is what the Nokia Lumia 620 is. It is a great introduction to the combined environment of Windows and Nokia, at a smaller and more affordable package.



As with other Lumia phones, this device looks vibrant, fun, and young. The phone comes in five different colors – cyan, white, yellow, black, and magenta. But it doesn’t end there. You can come up with new colors for your phone through transparent cases. By combining the color of the phone and the transparent case, you get a new color. It is a simple concept that is a lot of fun. The buttons also pop out so it is easy to use. What’s not to like about this phone’s build is the weight. For a phone that is only 4.5 inches tall, this one is heavy at 4.5 ounces.


This phone has a small screen at just 3.8 inches and that might be a turn-off for some because typing could prove to be cumbersome. On the bright side, despite its entry-level status, this phone has a great screen like the former Lumias before it. It has WVGA resolution at 800×480 pixels and has ClearBlack Filer to reduce the screen’s glare.


The 5-MP rear shooter is expected with the price of the Lumia 620 and it actually provides adequately clear pictures and colorful 720p HD videos. What I did not expect is that there will be a front-facing VGA camera in the device as well. Sure it will not be a great camera but it will be enough for VoIP service calls. Most budget phones either have a rear camera or a front-facing camera but not both to save costs. So it is refreshing to see both at an entry-level phone.


Despite being an entry-level phone, this phone is not a dumbed down version of the Windows Phone 8 operating system. It has the features that make the OS great for the flagship Lumia 920, except for the wireless charging. It even has the goodies that Nokia decided to add on the operating system like their voice navigation, and exclusive music apps.  It has the best of Windows Phone 8 as well with 7GB storage to SkyDrive, Internet Explorer 10 and access to the Xbox store. And with the tactile interface, the small screen is no longer such an issue.


For an entry-level phone, this sure boasts of some mighty specs. This device is powered by a dual-core chip that clocks in at 1.5GHz. It makes for fast browsing and gaming. There can be some lagging, especially when you are panning on the screen but it is negligible. We would have wanted more RAM than 512 MB and more internal memory than 8 GB, but you can compensate with a micro SD card of up to 64 GB.


The hardware is colorful and lively, and it has powerful specs inside. Sure the screen can be bigger and you can use some more RAM but for the price you will be paying for this, you are definitely getting a lot. The phone will most likely never be picked up by major providers but at least you will not be tied down to a contract. Besides, if you are looking for an intro to Windows Phone 8 and Nokia, this phone is it.