Mobile Devices: The 20th Century’s Greatest Revolutions

Did you know that the very first mobile device was invented in 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper and John F. Mitchell of Motorola? Also, did you know that the very first mobile device shown to the public was the DynaTAC 8000x. As the years have passed, more and more mobile devices were introduced by many mobile phone providers. Nowadays, mobile phones are undoubtedly becoming the primary communication device used by many people, especially in the business industry.

Aside from the conventional functions of making and receiving calls, mobile phones these days allow you to make payments, bank accounts balance inquiries, send and receive emails, connect to the Internet, take pictures, record videos, and even play music and games. There are two types of devices which mobile terminals are now banded. These are the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and the smart phone. Below are brief descriptions about the two devices:

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA): Almost all of the PDA devices are capable of connecting to the Internet. Most of the PDA devices are touch screen and at the same time have Bluetooth, memory card slot, IrDa, and are Wi-Fi ready. Generally, a PDA allows you to connect to the Internet and at the same time allow you to check your email anytime and anywhere. PDA’s can also function as PIM’s, or personal information manager. These are software or apps that serve as an organizer.


Smart phone: In the year 1992, the first ever Smartphone was invented by IBM. They called it, SIMON. It had a wide variety of features such as Internet access, email, electronic personal agenda, video conference, digital camera, geographical location maps of great accuracy (known today as GPS), data transfer, and media player. This type of mobile device is more advanced when it comes to the computing capability and connectivity as compared to the PDA devices because it has an MOS (also known as the mobile operating system). Because of the MOS, a Smartphone can download a lot of applications and features such as a portable media player, photo editing software, GPS, Wi-Fi, games, and a lot more. Now, in terms of business communication solution, a Smartphone is very helpful since you can integrate your company’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system on the device. You can download an Internet based phone system such as a RingCentral business VoIP and take it anywhere with you. The smart phone has become the best mobile device available in today’s generation. This is the reason why PDA’s are close to becoming obsolete.


Because of the many features and applications that a smart phone can provide, most of us are now using smart phones as our primary business communication solution. When it is paired with a reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, business operations will be a lot easier to manage.

In the past years, mobile devices were originally made to make communication much easier. However, in today’s generation mobile technology is rapidly evolving and has now become a tool not just for communication but also for entertainment, business solutions, personal data storage, and more. It is quite amazing how technology evolves and makes life much easier. It is even more amazing how it affects several industries particularly the business world.

Nowadays, technology is taking a big part in our lives. Although some of us think that it is not good to be dependent and let technology do everything, you cannot simply deny the fact that it really helps on your daily routine. There is no doubt that one of the greatest technologies invented was the mobile phone and has become a significant part of our needs today.