How to build a mobile app in 12 steps – Step by step Infographic included!

Have an idea for a mobile app? You’re definitely not alone.

These days everyone has a creative idea for the perfect mobile app. People have ideas that nobody has thought of yet, and are certain their idea could be the next million dollar app idea. As more and more consumers begin to rely on their mobile devices for personal and business use, instead of a more traditional means like a desktop computer, the need for mobile apps is rapidly growing.

The only problem is, most people don’t know where to start. Do you start by hiring a developer? Do you create wireframes or start doodling on paper? How do you define your goals for your mobile app? How do you properly conduct research for your app idea? And then finally, how do you actually get started with the development of your mobile app?

Get started by building your first mobile app:

You may be thinking that your time will be better spent splitting the atom or working on nuclear fission than it would be learning how to build an app.  The concept of building an app is as foreign as complex physics to most.

Building your first mobile app can be a challenging experience.

To help, we’ve answered all the questions you may be asking yourself on how to get your app idea off the ground and then some.

Mobile Apps Infographic


In this infographic, we show you 12 simple steps to follow when planning how to build your first mobile app.