Top Medical Apps for Android you should try in 2016

Living in a fast life, one does not usually have to visit the doctor for every minor issue. People did even have that much time to even consult a doctor, they rather prefer to take medicines or home-made remedies on their own. We live in a world that has every possible solution to our problems and it is easily available on the internet.

Now you can have a doctor in your back pocket and carry him everywhere you go. You must be wondering how that is possible. Well, developers all around the world have designed such innovative mobile applications that you can avail by paying a small amount or use the free version. These apps save your time and money too. These apps give you full information that includes the treatment and its prevention. But remember, these apps are reliable in case of small emergencies only it won’t help in stopping you from bleeding because at that time you really need to go to a doctor.

Millions of applications are available on Google Play Store that is useful for medical purposes.  Here are given the top 5 medical applications that are released or going to be released in 2016 for Android users. Some of these apps are free and some are paid but each one of them has excellent reviews. These applications are alike each other but they are different as each have unique features that set them apart. These reviews are given on Google Play Store.


medscapeThe most recently launched in the medical market is Medscape and within few days have gained an astonishing reputation and is recognized worldwide. If you see the list of most downloaded medical apps, you will find Medscape on the top. It has an amazing interface along with free of cost content giving it a persistently grow with each update.Medscape provides its users with more than 7,000 drug references, 3,000+ disease and clinical references, procedure videos and 2,500 authentic clinical images. It also includes features that make it distinguish from others; drug tools and formulary information, medical news, offline accesses and medical education courses. The medical education courses comprise of 1000+ topics and more than 30 specialties. This app is easily compatible with nearly every cell phone device that has Android operating system.

Epocrates Plus

epocrates plusIf you are searching for an app that provides you every information about any drug existing up till now. Then this app is just right for you. Epocrates Plus is the most effective and reliable app and the best for medical students under training. One of the best features of this app is that it supports all the old versions of Android. More than million users including professionals are currently using Epocrates Plus. This app as some unique features such as it can identify the drug by its imprint code, searches the nearest consultant available near you and it has the latest invention for coordinating i.e. HIPPA Complaint text messaging.

Sky-scape Medical Library

skyscape calculatorThis app is included in this list for 2 major reasons. Firstly as it name gives a huge idea what this app is actually about. The Sky-scape Medical Library is the only high-quality app in Android that contains all-in-one type apps.

This app gives users over more than integrated dosing calculators, more than 200 interactive tools, each of them aligned according to their specialties. Sky-scape has partnered with 32+ respected publishers making it unique and important.


Brain testAll around the world Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients are tested through different test. The best known test was a pen test called as SAGE (The Self-Administered Gero Cognitive Exam). In this test, there are four phases, but you have to take any one of the test to see if you are at a risky stage. BrainTest is developed by AirG, an app that allows people to take their own test. This will save not only doctors time and paper but also provide with accurate answers. People sitting at home can also utilizes this app by downloading and testing. Check the incredible reviews about AirG.

Calculate by QxMD

QxMDIf you’re interested in learning and knowing about more than 150 different medical calculators which are contained in the android based app. Then Calculate by QxMD is the one you need. This app is mostly downloaded for its aesthetically appealing UI design and amazing interface that has beaten all other standards. This app is recommended for medical users, try it for free Calculate by QxMD app. What makes this app unique is its quality to answer to all your clinical questions fast, giving you detailed references with PubMed integration. It provides you with insightful and comprehensive results with conventional and SI units. Calculate by QxMD represents you with results with their prognosis, drug dose, and its treatment. This app is recently launched and made a huge success in the medical market, gaining a respectable reputation among medical students and professionals.



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