Make Your Competitors Envy Your Business With HP Envy x2

hp-envy-x2-touchscreenThe trend today is mobility. Even small businesses are finding ways on how to operate with the most ease as possible. A lot of enterprises have utilized the power of the Internet when it comes to reaching more consumers in a shorter period of time. A number of businesses have also scrapped their physical workplaces and established virtual offices instead.

Because of this hunger for flexibility and movement, gadget developers have showered this generation with a lot of smartphones, tablets, and laptops which let business owners do their transactions even when on the go.

Finding the gadget that suits your business is very important because documents, work, and play depend on it. Especially when you employ Voice over Internet Protocol and email to fax services, your day to day transactions highly rely on the Internet. Going on a day without a connection may cause you to lose transactions, worse, clients.

Today, the most famous business gadget is a tablet. But, there are a lot of business owners who still cannot part with their laptops. Now, you are torn of which one to get. This is the reason why HP Envy x2 was developed, to respond to the needs of business owners to own both a tablet and a laptop.

Your competitors will surely envy you with the HP Envy x2 because you can have the best of both worlds with it. Simply take the tablet and attach a keyboard to it, then, voila, you now have a laptop. To remove the keyboard, just push to the left a tiny dock tab found at the above right side of the keyboard. It detaches easily but putting them together and lining up the connectors can sometimes get frustrating.

It is an 11.6-inch ultraportable largely brushed aluminum laptop with the style of HP’s small series laptop. It also has a business feel about it the way Apple’s iPad does. It is very easy and comfortable to hold as it only weighs 3.1 pounds with the keyboard and 1.5 pounds as a tablet, only a bit heavier than the Retina Display iPad.

The tablet form has its independent power button located at the back of the screen, a Beats branded volume control, and a front and rear cameras. Its rear camera has 8 MP while the front has an HD webcam quality. The screen itself has a 1,366 x 768-pixel resolution that makes images look sharp at all angles. It is, of course, not as wonderful as the Retina Display but it is at par with the image quality in laptops. Besides, pictures are crisper in the HP Envy x2 because of the glass covered IPS screen. The tablet form, however, has no ports whatsoever. You will need the keyboard in order to enjoy the USB, SD and HDMI out ports.

HP Envy X2 runs on Windows 8. This makes it very attractive for business owners because they can prepare a presentation through PowerPoint, track income and expenses using Excel, and draft letters with MS Word. It is also Wi-Fi ready which allows its users to do work while relaxing at a coffee shop or staying for a seminar in a hotel.

With this tablet-laptop in one, you are sure to finish your daily tasks wherever you go at whatever time of the day.