The New M2M Game Changer Is Isatdata Pro

In the past 100 years the earth’s entrepreneurial spirit has spread veins of communication and commerce across the world which has kick started the globalization of our planet. Today, the exciting new frontier in business involves refining these newly etched pathways and beginning the process economic convergence across the map. Telephone, satellite and wireless technology have shrunk the globe and created a world of possibilities. However, many companies are idly sitting on this gold mine of opportunities.

The industry adoption of cutting edge M2M technology like Isatdata Pro is shamefully superficial. At this critical point in telemetry evolution, being a front-runner has the potential like never before to catapult organizations to new levels of performance and competitiveness.

Poised at the top of the M2M wave is a game changer in global mobile satellite communications: Isatdata Pro. The low data rate device puts you in close communication with people and wp-content all over the world. The amount, quality and timing of information delivered to your fingertips with Isatdata Pro will change the way you manage your business. Keep reading for a few of the ways the technology can improve business efficiency.

Customer responsiveness

The lag time between customer requests and service delivery is a common complaint and a major factor in customer satisfaction levels. Imagine a system that cuts out the lag time completely by constantly monitoring inventory levels and pushing out restocking requests automatically. The advanced remote communication hardware of the Isatdata pro combined with the latest sophisticated data management applications bring this reality to today’s marketplace. Some forward thinking players in the utility industry have capitalized on M2M technology to set up automatic tracking of electricity usage by individual customers. The two way portal is used on a daily basis to monitor the actual usage of electricity for billing purposes; allowing customers to take advantage of cost cutting actions like hopping off the grid to relax the load on the power supply during peak periods. Familiarizing with the consumption habits of customers not only facilitates billing but also allows you to be more responsive in emergencies. Early adopters in the utility industry are now using M2M technology to pinpoint exactly which customers are affected by power outages so they can be serviced directly and immediately.

Eliminate blackouts

The Isatdata Pro can be configured to send periodic diagnostic reports on the functioning of remote machinery. Customizable applications analyze the data for you, mine out the critical indicators and send automatic reports on exceptions or issues. Harnessing this technology allows you to monitor asset performance from head office and schedule preventative servicing and tune ups well in advance of equipment failures. Preventative maintenance reduces downtime as problems can be detected in the early stages and addressed before full blackout. It also reduces overall costs because issues are identified before they explode into larger, more expensive catastrophes.

Strategic information mining

Going beyond preventative to predictive, ever smarter remote telemetry applications in conjunction with Isatdata Pro can collect data for strategic decision making. Usage trends, customer behavior patterns, and detailed cost analysis are data streams that can now be captured and manipulated to show management valuable information in real time. Filling out the big picture with these types of pertinent details can be like having a crystal ball to predict location and timing of expansion plans or other strategic moves.

Employee safety

Scaling the sides of storage augers and diving below ocean surfaces of offshore drilling platforms are dangerous necessities of the past. Advanced M2M technologies like Isatdata Pro can act as the eyes and ears of supply chain management in challenging environments – eliminating the need for employees to venture into harm’s way. With a hardy and completely element proof exterior, Isatdata Pro terminals can withstand temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius and come equipped with state of the art vibration and shock absorbers.

The doors opened by the emergence of global satellite communications offer many promises for international business. The global technology is the force driving the convergence between established and emerging markets and will lubricate supply chains across the map. Technologies like Isatdata Pro not only boost the bottom line by decreasing costs and increasing efficiencies, but offer intangible gems like increased customer satisfaction and employee safety to boot.

This article was written by Jason Kripky, who loves technology and keeps a very close eye on Isatdata Pro’s mobile technology.