Let Google Nexus 7 Help You In Business

Doing business is not anymore as easy as going to the office, buying and selling. The developments in technology have inspired business owners to conduct their transactions in a whole new manner. Today, a phone system can be the means of connecting virtual business. Thus, it is necessary for owners of small businesses who conduct their transactions through the Internet to have the tools which can sustain its telephone system. Google’s Nexus 7 tablet that is manufactured by Asus is one of the most affordable yet reliable tablets that run on Android Jelly Bean. Android 4.1.1 can surely support a small business’ telephone system.

With a seven-inch LCD display and a weight of only 12 oz., any business owner like you will find the Nexus tablet absolutely handy. Moreover, it is light enough to be held in one hand while the other drives. Even the rubberized back panel allows it to be used comfortably in presentations. If you feel like you cannot have all day just making a PowerPoint, stop worrying. This Google tablet has a 1,280 x 800 pixel resolution that allows you to see your presentations clearly even when you are doing it on the way to work. Aside from this, it does not matter if you are rushing every morning because it could easily slip into your Mike Ross messenger bag or suit pocket when on the go. You do not even have to worry if it will be fully scratched at the end of the day because it is built with a scratch resistant Corning’s Fit Glass.

A lot of business owners are amazed on how Apple’s iPad flawlessly performs operations. However, with an nVidia Tegra three-quad processor in Google’s Nexus 7 tablet like Asus’ Eee Pad Transformer Prime and with 1 GB RAM, swiping, pinching, and navigating your tablet will be fluid and seamless. Google’s Butter, an intuitive user interface project also reduces lag and improves menu transitions that competes with the iOS user experience.

Although there is no Nexus 7 tablet that supports 3G, this tablet has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features which makes it easy for business owners like you to transfer documents from the tablet to a laptop and vice versa.

Because the tablet itself is Google-friendly, it allows business owners like you to customize the applications. You can either make your own and integrate it with existing apps like Documents To Go or choose from the river of applications provided by third parties. Moreover, it provides an easy access to Google services such as Google Drive, Gmail, Maps, Google+, Chrome, and Calendar.

In relation to the ability to make video calls or organize a conference call while on the road, Google Nexus tablet has a front camera, built in microphone, and Google+ integration to enable you to connect with your contacts easily. It even has a personal assistant program like Siri called Google Now. This virtual assistant recognizes speech and can locate GPS, research on up-dated travel information, and remind you of appointments.

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is the gadget for the job of supporting a small business’ telephone system. It is cheaper than other tablets but it can undeniably provide any business owner the basic apps to improve an enterprise in terms of communication. Although it lacks some features like 3G capability, it is certainly a best buy for your money.