Lenovo Vibe Z dual-sim Android Smartphone

This is a phone made by a Chinese manufacturer, and it is a flagship phone that may become the next Sony or Samsung. The big fuss over this phone is through the fact that it is powered by the Snapdragon 800 processor. This is apparently something that has all the techies talking. From its outward appearance it is nothing but a regular looking phone, except for the fact that it has that “anti fingerprint” plastic on the back, which is still pretty cool even today. Here is a quick review and run down of the newly released Lenovo Vibe Z dual-sim Smartphone.

The Vibe Z aka K910

The Vibe Z is also known as the K910. It is the cousin of the phone the MT6589T-powered Vibe X, and that also had the anti fingerprint thing on the back too. The Vibe X was a little bit bigger and had a very good camera. The battery on the Vibe Z is said to run for 278 hours on standby. This is good for all intents and purposes, but there are some more expensive phones out there that are able to achieve quite a bit more.


The vital statistics of the Lenovo Vibe Z dual-sim Android Smartphone

It has four processors in its quad-core build. It has the CPU model 800 MSM8974, which is the Qualcomm Snapdragon. It runs its four cores at 2.2GHz. The graphics are run on a GPU graphics processor, which is the Adreno 330. The phone has a hard drive (internal memory) capacity of a very nice 16GB, and has 2GB of RAM which is quite a lot. This means that it is very hard to freeze up, lock or stall the phone in most cases. It also may explain why the phone only sits on standby for 278 hours, as a larger RAM often takes up more battery power.

The screen and the camera on the phone

The screen is a 5.5 inch screen that runs at 1080P IPS Material with a massive 400+ ppi. This is a big ppi number for a phone that only has a 5.5 inch screen. The web camera on the front has 500 million pixels (which means it is a 5 mega pixel camera). This is rather good, as most front cameras do not go up to 5 mega pixels. The camera on the back is a 13 mega pixel camera, which is very good because few phones are yet up to 13 mega pixels with their cameras.

What networks does it support and how is the battery?

The phone will support WCDMA / GSM & CDMA 2000/GSM networks with the standard dual sim, dual standby and dual-pass. The operating system is the Android 4.2.2 OS. Even though the standby time is not massively impressive, the battery capacity is a very robust 3050 mAh. The battery is not removable, but the current trend shows that very fewer and fewer are. The larger battery means that this phone can run at peak efficiency for longer.

It may appeal to men too

The shape of the phone is rather rounded, which is not specifically new, but it is slightly different. It looks like a big phone, even though it has a 5.5 inch screen. Any bigger and it may qualify as a tablet device. The design is said to have been created more so that it appeals to men. The screen has an IPS display. At 5.5 inches, its resolution is 1920 x 1080. But, that is not the most impressive then, as the ppi 400. Retina screen standards are not even that high, which just goes to show you how high that ppi is when compared with other Smartphones. The IPS function has made it so that you can view it at more angles without it looking horrible. It also has a superb brightness to it and great color contrast and saturation.

Its camera is something to brag about

The camera has an 84 wide angle design as well as light and as well as environmental sensors. It even has a concealed LED light. You can take photos with the touch buttons, and as you can imagine–the 13 mega pixel shots are very good. When taking your shots you may like to feel how comfortable the phone feels in your hand. This is due to a multilayer coating process that has been applied to the shell of the phone. The idea is for it to bond more effortlessly to your hand. It is also designed in order to (as the manufacturers say) “prevent fingerprint erosion.” What that means is not quite clear, but is sounds pretty awesome to say the least.

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