Latest Launched Lenovo Essential G580 (59-351467) Laptop Best Features

It is laptop raining up here in the Indian market and the open rivalry between the brands is pretty notable almost in every sort. Amid all the brands that are prospering today, Lenovo has great big kudos with its performance packed laptops that it has delivered in the recent times. The company is consistently adding new members in its family and now the newest in the ongoing Essential series is Lenovo Essential G580.

Performance packed laptop features Intel 2nd Generation Dual-core processor with an HD graphic card that promises smooth and lag free performance every time with sheer ease and comfort. Having a hold onto the immersive gaming and high end professional take is now no more alien when you have a machine like this.


Originated design and brilliant display:

The all new Essential G580 showcases an elegant and distinguished design that is crafted to loft your fantasies. Tapered edges have given this machine has given it an even more stunning look and the machine is undoubtedly a whole new beast in the Lenovo family. Apart from this, the machine’s total build dimension totals to 34.3 mm x 245 mm x 376 mm and weighs approximately around 2.7 Kg. The weight of the machine can slightly be a thorn in its way as the2.7 Kg is pretty high for a machine when it is in regard with the work on the go phenomenon. Furthermore, the carcass has 1 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0 for connecting your flash sticks to the computer.

Moving onto the display, the 15.6 inches screen that is bolted in the laptop braves 1366 x 768 pixels screen resolution and promises a crisp and clear with narrow viewing angles. Just right above the display screen there’s a 0.3 Megapixel HD Webcam that offers a distortion free video calling with sheer ease and comfort without compromising with the display quality at all. The built in fully functional QWERTY keyboard has well spaced keys with separately set numeric keys for easy input while the touchpad is sensitive enough to nod to every gesture of yours. Icing the cake is its amazing OneKey rescue for system backup and restoration.

Performance centered:

It is said that the big surprises usually come pack in small packages, true that! Over here, the potent G580 comes included with mighty features that offer you the best of the best performance every time. Under the hood of the machine there is might 2nd Generation Intel Pentium Dual Core B960Processor set at a clock speed of 2.20 GHz that is intelligently partnered with dexterous 2 GB DDR3 standard RAM that can be further upgraded to 8 GB. Thus, swift navigation between the apps and handling multitude application run is no more alien when you have a hold onto a mighty device like this. Apparently, there is also ample of room for handling the savvy needs of the avid gamers as the laptop also packs Intel HD graphic card that shares the system memory for meeting the needs. No matter which game you play, you will always rejoice every bit of it. Furthermore, the audio part of the device is really pleasing as the smartly integrated Dolby audio technology has served everything on the silver platter. Having an easy access over the internet is pretty neat with the built in Wi-Fi connect.


Lenovo laptops have always been an apple of everyone’s eye with the salient prolific features and transparent price tag that comes along. The hypnotizing design and the sleek body is what everyone needs. All in all the laptop is the best bet for one and all. There might be few cons in it but the overall specifications of the machine have enveloped it all.

Article Contribution: Vinnit Alex is an eminent author who provides concrete information about computing devices like computers and laptops, as latest Lenovo laptops are some of the devices to help people online shopping in India.