iPhone 5: Apple’s Smartphones are Just Getting Even Better

Apple’s iPhone 5 may just be a practical similar phone of its predecessors, like becoming a bit faster or thinner. However, its manufacturer has more deep thinking, molding it to have refinements that make better of the smartphones it has released before. Apple’s phone devices are just getting even better – thinner, stronger, lighter and faster. The iPhone 5 for example, differs to iPhone 4S in almost all angles.


The first good impression that an iPhone 5 can have is its lightness. It weighs 18 percent lighter than 4S. Light tends to bring in a feeling of being “cheap” in smartphones. Light can mean glossy plastic, but not with iPhone 5. It is an incredibly light unit that gives a better feel than the iPhones that went ahead of it. The iPhone 5 is also taller, and reduces the space between the display and the ear speaker; as well as the bottom display and the home button. It is tall enough to fit a taller screen, but not stretching unnecessarily.

Looks and Design

The iPhone 5 has the design tones of iPhone 4 and 4S, but it has several things and changes that make it more contemporary and advanced. Instead of a stainless steel mid-frame in-between two glass pieces, the iPhone 5 has aluminum akin to Apple’s desktops and notebooks. The device is obviously made stronger than the others of the same race. The solid glass piece on the unit’s front and back is replaced with a single glass on its front. Instead of attaching both glass slabs to the front and back, the case is now composed of a single piece of aluminum, and its front display sits flush in the iPhone. Holding the iPhone 5 gives one a feel of how well-built and solid it is made, aside from being so light.

Another amazing design element of iPhone 5 is its antenna’s chamfered edge running around the sides, especially noticeable on the white version. The polished metal accents put the phone on top with regards to looks.

SIM Card Slot and Audio Tools

One of the new features that are iPhone 5 possesses is the recent nano-SIM card slot with two tiny glass pieces on top and bottom of the unit’s back portion for Bluetooth, cellular, Wi-Fi antennas as well as upgraded speakers and microphones.

Its new speakers are amazing – crystal clear and impressive projections. They get loud enough but with no distortions. The trio microphones in iPhone 5 are a great help to cancel noise and when one is video recording. It is because the unit’s back is directed to the subject, not the microphone the user talks into when on the phone.

The headphone jack used to occupy the top of the iPhone, but in iPhone 5, it occupies the bottom part. Sometimes, it does not feel right because when the phone is put in a pocket or a stand while the user is working out, it would be positioned upside down. Though this is not ideal, it is not a huge issue. The manufacturer trades it off to make the phone look thinner.

Performance Speed

Actual users of iPhone 5 can feel its great performance speed, thanks to its new processor that is in-house designed. It runs faster than iPhone 4S in practically all its applications. The speed difference is noticeable – apps launching instantly, photos saved constantly and web pages appearing quickly are just better treats. Gameplay is drastically enhanced too and graphics performance is three times better.

Also, with its high-end features, one can surely enjoy VoIP services from the many VoIP service providers like Skype and RingCentral for easier business transactions.


Apple promised iPhone 5 is twice as quick as iPhone 4S – and most of its users agree. It has other great enhancements including the looks, design, lightness and many more. It indeed is the best iPhone to date.

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