iPad Mini: A Small Tablet with a Big Price

The design of the iPad Mini is quite a change, in fact the biggest change so far in the history of iPad. Despite the popularity, the iPad is a gadget that is not so comfortable to use, especially when the user is not working at a desk. The iPod Touch or iPhone is mobile and the iPad is not fully yet. In a business scene, a RingCentral business phone is definitely a need but to have an iPad Mini is something that needs to be decided. Let’s go further to see if it is a business must-have.

iPad Mini appears to be a shrunken iPad 2 plus a bigger iPod Touch. It is not intended to a laptop alternative but a Kindle alternative, a compact viewer or reader of documents, mags, movies and games as well as for editing. However, it has a spectacular characteristic –portability.

ipad miniUniqueness

What gives the iPad Mini a distinction is its design. It is cute, super light and discreet that it is akin to a fresh Apple device. It is light enough to be held like a fresh device of Apple – good enough to be held in one hand, something that is not felt in other iPads, for longer periods especially. It is more comfy than other 7-inch or full-sized more bulging and heavier computer tablets.


The iPad Mini screen does not have higher resolution though but compared to other 7-inch tablets, it is not bad at all. With some blurred texts showing sometimes in contents full of intensive text, it does not level to iPhone 5, iPod Touch and Retina iPad yet. When it does, then it becomes the perfect iPad.


With regards to media, computer tablets are leveling. The book, video and app ecosystem are in Kindle. On the other hand, services and apps of Nook are good too while Google Play is there for Android. However, Apple’s iTunes and App Store are unbeatable with the latter as a gold mine on which the iPad Mini seems to bank on. In such sense, the price of iPad Mini is worth it after all.

Pros & Cons

The ultra light and thin design of iPad Mini is more akin to a book and more intimate than a larger iPad. Its LTE antenna, cameras, storage capacities and general functionality offer a great iPad experience. Its screen dimensions and elegant display show larger magazines and app formats.

Another advantage is the iOS, which is compatible with services offered by Google Books, Nook and Kindle. It is like a universal e-book reader, compatible with PDF files, comics, graphic novels and magazines – specs that give it an edge over other tablets, even with the absence of a Retina display.

The iPad Mini has been anticipated long enough. Its debut made the long wait over, with a real small iPad that is superbly thinner and lighter than its forerunners.

Its disadvantage? Its price. The initial price is $329, which is above the $199 price of Nexus 7, as well as Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Nook HD. Its resolution is lower than its competitors and has a non-Retina display too. Plus the A5 processor that is not as strong as the 4th generation iPad and iPhone 5. It is because typing on a small screen is not comfortable at times.


Whatever impressions the non-Retina display, A5 processor and price have brought to iPad Mini, one thing very noticeable about it is it being incredibly nice to hold. A new small tablet standard design makes iPad appear fresh and new. Having it for a few days seems fun and addictive; and having it in a business depends on how useful it would be to bring productivity and profit.