Internet Applications for Customer Services Management

Communication binds a society, and so is a business group. People would say that with constant communication, stronger relationships are established and strengthened. With this, employees and business partners will have clearer direction towards one common goal.

However, just like any phenomenon, barriers will always occur. This is perhaps the reason why many businesses have to invest a great deal of money for communications because of the thinking that with pricey schemes, communication barriers will be greatly reduced. Well, this was once the notion – not until when internet came in the picture.

The advent of the internet led to what people term as “revolutionized business.” This seemingly intriguing phrase is used to refer to a scenario of an employee who just sits down comfortably in a cramped office cubicle with a computer in front him. Up close, he is communicating with ten people located in different places, all at the same time! With a touch of a button, he can also simultaneously manage business transactions, financial trading and the hectic customer service.

As a communication tool, internet provides people an alternative channel of sending and receiving messages. Nowadays, millions of people are shopping for their wants and needs through internet. And any sane business will take charge of this trend because each day, more and more people are becoming quick in accepting the significance of internet in their lives. In fact, these people insist more control over their individual finances; and they likewise value that anytime, anyplace feature that lets them have access to different services offered online.

So read on the following apps that you may wish to add in your customer services management schemes. Thousands of users are into these, so why not give it a try.

1. Batchbook

This is a cloud-based app that lets everyone in the business use it from any location and device. You may also import your contacts through a spreadsheet from anywhere. You can also dig some background details on your contacts by connecting to their Facebook accounts, and this you can directly from Batchbook.

2. Rapportive

For businesses that are using Gmail, this app may be worth the try. Here, you can get significant contact details right in your inbox. Details about the person you are corresponding with would include their job, activities, posts in social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. And to remember them and about your conversation, you are allowed to leave notes on their profile.

3. Amphis

It is a simple app that manages contacts, quotes, invoice and reminders. It also handles customer notes and customer letters. You can also instantly access customer information and documents right then and there. Templates are also available for standard emails and replies.

4. icomplete

It combines customer database, calendar, and eMarketing and Auto Receptionist into one. You can reach customers not only through emails but also SMS.

5. Assistly

You can consolidate every conversation you have with customers into one screen with this app. After which, you can already distribute the concerns to appropriate team members who will then prioritize and handle it. This can also integrate all possible sites where your customers are such as Twitter, Facebook, email, phone, chat and forums.

No doubt, the internet makes business easier for both the employees and customers since this is already proven effective channel of communication. Other than these apps, you may also use additional web-based tools such as social networking sites, emails, VoIP and other services offered by communications companies. A RingCentral virtual office might also be worth a try for that upgraded scheme of customer relations management.

There are other web-based apps and tools in the market today. So reading on the specifications of these apps because these might be just what you need.