Instagram marketing can help you with your SEO Campaign – Steps to follow

Business marketing is always a critical thing and a matter of concern for business owners. They try exploring different scopes or opportunities for effective business promotional activities or marketing. When it comes to effective business marketing, you cannot demean the essence of using social media platforms.

Facebook and Twitter are commonly used for business marketing. But, along with the other social media websites should also be explored for business marketing opportunities.

Such a growing platform is Instagram, which is used by almost 80% startup businesses these days. So, there is no way you can take this social media platform lightly. It is highly essential and important for your business.


In the following section, we shall try to understand the step that you have to follow for creating successful business marketing campaign through Instagram. The first and foremost thing is to look for more and more followers. But, apart from searching for followers for your

Instagram business account, you need to follow the steps that have been mentioned in the following section of this article.

Step 1: Choose a Niche or Genre

Before joining Instagram, you need to understand your business genre or niche carefully. Basically, it is the most important thing that you should learn about your business. Understanding business niche is important for targeting right kind of audiences. Basically, every business has its own target market. For example, the business that sells toys for kids should target new parents as their targeted customers. If you sell office stationery items, you should target corporate employees. This way target market has to be decided. If you cannot decide the target market for your business properly, your business marketing efforts shall be wasted. Choosing the right niche or genre is always important for a successful business marketing campaign.

The niche you choose should be related to your business otherwise the SEO benefits of Instagram marketing would not be optimal. Nevertheless, the marketing campaign would be completely disastrous for you. For example, a business that is related to the hotel industry should not choose sports niche. The ideal niche should be travel, hospitality, adventure, touring, etc.

Step 2: Creating and Completing Account

The second step should be creating your business profile with Instagram. For that, you need to click on sign up button. If you already have a Facebook account, you can get connected to Instagram through that. In that way, your Facebook and Instagram accounts shall be linked automatically. This will help you to gain more followers and exchange followers between social networks. Your business account in this social media platform should appear creative. That means you should embellish account with a proper profile photo and cover picture. Additionally, account should be information, featuring business bio, phone number, and other essential information.

To get optimal SEO benefits, you need to add your phone number and other contact details to your Instagram account. You should share your business details on the bio section. This section should contain some amount of texts. Make sure that you use the main SEO keywords for SEO optimization of this field. Along with the keywords, website link should be given to this bio section. Make sure this section has been poised with all sorts of information that answer the general queries of the potential customers. To know more, you can check

Step 3: Posting Creative Things on a Regular Basis

So, you have an Instagram profile, and you have connected it with your Facebook profile as well. Now, what should you do? Well, you need to do what everyone does. You have to show some activities on your profile. For that, you should post things on a regular basis. Instagram is a social website for sharing multimedia contents. So, you should post photos that are related to your busin​ess. You can post videos as well. Make sure that posts are creative as well as attractive. You can share things that are related to products or services that you offer. The aim should be sharing interesting things so that followers can find it to be worthy enough to follow your account.

Step 4: Improve Photography and Use Hashtags Meticulously

To sustain with the popular business campaign, you need to improve your photography. People always want something new or innovative. This social media platform actually supports innovation and promotes the sharing of interesting contents. Hashtags should be used meticulously. If you do not use them properly, you shall suffer from lack of visibility for your posts or photographs that you share.


For Instagram marketing, hashtags play the most important roles. There are two ways of using them. The first thing is to find hashtags related to your business. Once found, you need to post something related to the hashtag so that your post can gain good visibility. This will eventually lead to overall visibility enhancement for your business. The other thing is to create your own hashtags. You can create the hashtags and ask people to make it viral by posting related to it.

Step 5: Follow Others Too

You cannot expect everyone to follow you unless you start following them. You should follow people who are related to your business niche. It does not mean that you cannot follow others. But, if you intend to create successful business marketing through this social media website, you need to follow people on your business niche. Following others will fetch you more followers and better exposure. You can also opt for buying Instagram likes to get more followers for this social media platform. But, buying likes or followers is not always ethical.

Step 6: Ethical Business Marketing

You should aim in promoting your business ethically. If you do not follow ethical values for business marketing, you shall soon be blacklisted by users. They shall find you to be objectionable, and thus they shall start reporting your account. Getting negative feedbacks may also lead to the closure of your Instagram account. So, you should focus on ethical marketing so that your business can grow seamlessly. Moreover, this will give long sustaining results for your business. Once you start gaining exposure, your business will start growing at a rapid rate.

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