Important Things To Understand About The iPad

Even if you ask all the questions you can possibly think of when you talk to a sales rep, you still come across some unexpected things with your iPad. This is not because your sales rep kept these things from you, but they probably don’t know any of these, or they simply forgot because an iPad really can do so much, especially with the right apps.

So if you already own an iPad or are planning to buy one soon, make sure you take a quick look at our list of things about the iPad and why you should know them:

1. You can only customize the wallpaper and lock screen of your device.

Aside from uploading your own photos and pictures for your home screen and lock screen, there is little else you can do to customize your iPad. You cannot change the font, the color, the transition animation or anything else. You can only use the list of alert tones provided and acquiring more can only be done through purchase at the Apple store. You can’t upload your own tones to use.

2. You can send and receive free video calls and messages from other iOS devices.

Apple takes care of people who like their brand and strives to connect all iOS devices. If you have friends and family with iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads, you can ask for their Apple ID so you can call them through FaceTime or send them texts through iMessage, absolutely free. That’s right, as long as you’re sending to another iOS device you don’t have to pay anything like long distance fees.

3. If you like something or use specific software on your PC at home or at work, there’s probably an app that can enhance your experience.

When you have an iPad, it only enhances your existing IT infrastructure. You add a device that can sync and carry your files. You get to load and edit your presentations through SlideShark, manage your business phone through RingCentral, and update your projects through Wunderlist. If you need something done on the iPad, there’s probably an app for that.

4. Retina display is double the resolution of the iPad 2.

If you’re looking at newer iPad versions, you notice that they tout the Retina display up front as a main selling point. What you actually need to know is that it just doubles the resolution to make everything look sharper and prettier. This isn’t really a bad thing, but it could be an unnecessary expense. Check the difference between the iPad 2 and the newer versions. If you think the older display is fine with you, you can save at least $100 on your purchase.

5. You can’t play Flash games or use Flash-based web apps on your iPad.

Lots of websites incorporate Flash. Sometimes, Flash is used to play videos, send an internet fax, play games and access various web accounts. Check your regular internet usage and online services if they are Flash-based. If they aren’t, then this isn’t a problem for you.