HTC is Preparing a New Flagship Phone for 2013

The Best of lists for this year’s best gadgets and smartphones have barely come out, but there is already a lot of talk about what the next year holds for tech. If this year was any indication, then there are certainly big things in store for 2013.

What we had this year

This year alone, a variety of excellent smartphone models that seem to have broken real boundaries were released. The iPhone 5 showed that Apple was indeed making some changes in the standard features of their electronics. The larger screen, the development of their own Maps (even though that was seen as more of a step backward, in many users’ opinion), and the new resolution, sets the bar ever for competitors who wish to measure up.

But even this bar may have already been overcome. This year, Android proved without a doubt that handsets running on it have taken over the world in terms of global market shares; it took a a huge chunk of the market share by the third quarter of this year and basically outstripped Apple shares. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Android also gave Apple a run for its money in the tablet market, delivering a blow that is hard to recover from. In fact, it is an Android phone that is now considered to be king of the devices (according to CNET) this year – the Samsung Galaxy S3. It has beaten the iPhone, due to its amazing features.

htc one x telus-6

With such developments, other brands are inspired to follow suit and try to catch up to the big boys of the mobile device field.

The Brand others forgot

No, we’re not talking about RIM, creators of the Blackberry which seems to be more or less defunct as far as the cool kids are concerned. Even if it does still hold a powerful grip over Europe, and although RIM really is planning on making a comeback next year it’s not exactly what’s gotten some people murmuring about potential contenders to the Apple-Android supremacy. There is one more under-the-radar brand that is coming up with a whole new flagship phone for next year, trying to outdo Samsung and Apple.

HTC’s year wasn’t exactly the best. They have undergone some “rough quarters”, and it very well may be that they are truly falling behind in the competition. However, according to reports from Focus Taiwan, the smartphone manufacturer is looking to change things over the New Year as it focusing their development on building better devices.

The next flagship smartphone for HTC has been dubbed M7, and there are already hints of what it can do online. At the moment, there is barely anything known about it. Some sources in TechCrunch have suggested that the M7 possibly has a 5-inch display. It is expected to have a 1080p resolution, as well as an aluminum body chassis. It would have a competitive 13mp camera that could make it tempting for Instagram hounds, and it possess a QualcommAPQ8064 Quad-core processor.

This is arguably a huge and sudden step for HTC, since they have recently released phones in Japan and the US for the past two months as well; but if they want to have a stake in the fast-growing market of mobile technology, they need to aim high.