How High-Speed Internet Has Revolutionized the Social Media Industry

The different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Google+, LinkedIn, pinterest , MySpace and Flicker have revolutionized the world completely with the advent of Internet. Today social media platform is being used as a medium of communication, sharing things and is used by various organizations to promote their products.
High Speed Internet and Social Media
With the availability of high speed internet connectivity you can easily connect to the Internet and take pleasure in rich, high-resolution graphics and Flash multimedia. Something that looked like a distant dream yesterday is quite viable these days.
For a thorough understanding, mentioned below are ten reasons on how high speed internet connectivity has revolutionized the social media industry.
1. Day and Night Availability
High-speed internet connectivity has made it possible to develop new updates wherever you wish to. The internet is connected 24*7 which refers to that there will be no time constraints. Extraordinary features for instance Instragram on Twitter, have made it quite easy to post high quality photos too. With the help of high speed connection uploading such kind of videos as well as photos turns out to be easy and less time consuming. So, if you own slow internet connectivity you won’t be able to use such application.
2. Live Updates
Today in this century you can get your products launched online and gain millions and millions of followers watching it enjoying the comforts of your home. With the help of new plug-ins and applications all this can be made possible easily. There are many product launches and movie premiers taking place online. This is therefore beneficial to both companies and the users, as different companies get to promote their products and users get more from the social media websites.
3. Videos and More
Videos as well as podcasts have turned things much swifter though, you should thank high speed internet connection for this. It is not at all possible to watch a high quality video or listen to a podcast without good internet connectivity. An internet connection with restricted bandwidth or speed will interrupt everything and destroy the want.
4. Applications and Games Development
With the help of social media sites like Facebook there was an enormous bump to the trend and almost every organization has turned up with its personal Facebook application. It can also be considered as a unique method of reaching out to the targeted audiences leaving behind a score. Facebook games also are quite popular these days. Though, they require a high speed internet connectivity to enjoy fully. As there are many flash based live games they will require high speed internet connectivity to load and update them properly.
5. Global Reach 
Social media has made a global reach. You can easily get connected to your friends all around the world on websites such as Facebook and Twitter. With the help of this you can make a quick brand name.
6. Targeted Market
Today social media will help you to reach out to your target audience by promoting your product. It can easily be used as a marketing platform.
7. More Fun and Better Results
A mixed bag always gives you better results. Years back individuals used to get annoyed with heavy loaded pages with graphics or videos as they took a huge time to get loaded. With better internet connectivity you can now load pages easily.
8. Control Over Things
When you have a high speed internet connection, you can easily control everything easily. With high speed internet connection you can make all the necessary alterations that are required.
9. Time Saving
One of the principal advantages of high-speed internet connection is that it helps you to save a lot of your time. The time that is being wasted in downloading or uploading a video is something that every individual hates.
10. Direct Contact
With the high speed internet connectivity you can get in touch with your friends directly. Social networking sites help you to stay connected always. With the advent of new technology you can even go for face-to-face meetings with your friends.
Therefore, from the above mentioned points it’s very clear that internet has helped in revolutionizing the market of social media. Apart from texting or messaging internet has helped to opt for much more these days.
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