Have the fandroids won?

Definitely, iOS technology is good. It is innovative, well engineered, and performs satisfyingly. With regards to consumer expectations and its resultant appreciation, Apple has successfully pulled off a tech platform image that melds exclusionary tech snob appeal with top-rate performance products. It has been able prove that it deserves its stiff price tag. However aspirational it may be among its avid consumer base, it is moot and academic.

Android technology, on the other hand, is just as good. It is practical and open source technology. It performs the way its consumers expect it to perform and to show their appreciation; worldwide sales show the technology’s dominance over all others. Why it is so it owes to innovation, excellent engineering and superb performance. It has been able to prove that top-notch tech, innovative engineering, and superior industrial design at an affordable price is possible.

In the ongoing debate about which is better between iOS and android tech, the fight has been narrowed down into two battling forces: Apple and Samsung. The best device however can further be narrowed down between the two: iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.

More of the same

While the iPhone 5’s release this year was a much-anticipated mobile device tech event, it also revealed some surprises many of us didn’t expect. The changes in fact, were not that as earth shaking as the ones it had in previous editions of the iPhone. For one, some of the changes had to come with consumers having to spend more and again on accessories. When Apple changed the ports in the new iPhone, most of the accessories users bought for the previous iPhone automatically became useless. The tech didn’t have much change either and was even lackluster on the Maps app. It did however improve on the display size and for avid iSheep, this will always be good.

Simply more

Galaxy S3’s marketing poster detailing its advantage on the features side compared alongside that of its iOS rival, infamous as many believe, however reveals things as they are. Samsung’s smartphone had outstripped its Apple counterpart in the features department. Users and experts find the phone truly remarkable as a piece of electronics available on nearly every carrier all over the world. The screen resolution and overall display represents the best ever achieved in an android phone this year. Powered by the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tech and with 4G LTE, it has something that its rival doesn’t even have.


At the end of the day, consumers will have to decide for themselves what they really want. Of course, Apple products bearing the iOS tech will always be the pricier ones. The tech is exclusionary and therefore commands a stiffer price tag than any other tech in any other device. Any Apple product, however, will always be worth the money you pay for them. If you feel and believe you want one, nothing and no one’s stopping you.

For other consumers who have to decide what they really need, it’s a different ballgame. Need is so much different from want. Samsung products aren’t as pricey as Apple products are. Android is an open source tech open to any industry wishing to carry it on their devices. Samsung products demonstrate how innovative tech, great design and multi-functionalism can be had at a more affordable price. If you think you need one at a price you can afford, you can definitely have one in no time at all.

So who won?

Fanboys may not agree but that’s how the consumerist cookie crumbles. For now, the Fandroids win. It would be exciting to know how the game may possibly change next year.