Harnessing the Power of Flickr for SEO

Flickr is a powerful platform for photo and video sharing. It opens a whole new world of ideas and impressions that last longer than mere text. As Flickr is purely meant for personal use, the quality of pictures may not be as good as expected but there are a lot of really nice images. There aren’t many restrictions that Flickr enforces regarding the picture quality. But the site has got good reputation and that is why we need to turn to it to optimize our pages. To many people, the title seems to be a no-brainer. However, if Flickr finds that you’re using it for SEO purposes, there are good chances of your account getting banned. If you are using the juice that Flickr has got to optimize your site, you are probably walking on thin ice. But when used at the optimal level, you can make good use of Flickr to optimize your site and increase its page rank.

Flickr for SEO

How to use it?

There is nothing new in optimizing your page with Flickr links. It is the same old method that you need to use but at the optimal level. You just need to place a link on your web pages which will take visitors to pictures in Flickr. When Google spiders read your web pages, they will follow the links and absorb the essence of Flickr pages and give high ratings to your website. All this seems like a piece of cake, but it is easier said than done. You need to follow certain strategies to make it work for good, without revealing your motive of optimizing your page.


To make it easier and more effective for you, you need to upload photos which are relevant to your niche. For example, naming your folder as Flowers and uploading pictures related to technology will clearly tell that you are only trying to use Flickr for optimizing other pages. Therefore, choose the right name, i.e., the exact keyword that best describes the photos you are going to upload and link them. When choosing keywords, otherwise folder names, going with the most generic keywords seem to show us in good light. However, it is not. The more descriptive your keyword is the higher value your links will get. To find out the right keyword for your links and pictures, you need to do a bit of research.


The next thing to focus on is the number of photos you upload. There’s no limit to the number of photos you must have but the more photos you upload, the safer your account will be. You should also take care not to upload photos that don’t fall under you niche in order to maintain professionalism. You can create different folders for different categories but shuffling pictures in different categories will show you in poor light. Another thing you must not forget to do is interacting with other members. Comment on others’ pictures and invite others to comment on yours to make it as natural as possible. The most important of all is the number of links you’re going to place for each picture. It is highly advisable not to place many links to a single picture. It is because; this is the first thing which raises an alarm. Following these simple steps will help you play safe and optimize your webpages in a better way.

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