Smartphone Apps that are harmful for your kids

Smartphones have become a part of our lives so much that we hand over to the kids to keep them silent and away from you. But these smartphone known to be an all powerful device for us can be quite harmful for kids.

Especially through apps that are constantly hurting their lifestyle or mental growth. While smartphones can be fun for the kids, you need to keep a check on what apps they use and how often they use it.

Here is a curated list of apps that are harmful for your kids if you do not keep a check on them:

These apps are just some of the many in the App store and Play Stores. The apps are not consistently monitored by Google and Apple and hence the onus of your kids safety falls on you.

Make sure to check your kids app usage and also reduce their on screen time. Encourage children to play out in the real world rather than on a screen. That is not only healthy for them physically but also mentally and psychologically.

If you have come across any such dangerous apps that can harm your children, please let us know in the comments too.

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