How hackers can control your web cam and computer?

Spread and progress of IT has brought some security issues also, thus, hacking of computers and now of webcams have become one of the vital threats. The people using malware can infect and invade your computer so that they can control your computer without your permission. There are diverse affects of this invasion, such as misuse of your data, passwords and even monitoring your activities using your own webcam. Webcam is masterpiece of technology that enhances the communication. The invasion of outsiders to your computer system can cause abuse of your webcam that someone else unknown to you controls your PC as well as watches and observes your activities using your own webcam. People involved in these malicious tasks use different ways to invade computer systems. Some of them are as follows.

image by by David C. Foster-Flickr
image by by David C. Foster-Flickr

1. Using RATs

For getting control of third party’s computer, Remote Administration Tools (RATs) are used. Using these JavaScript codes, one can be capable of controlling your computer and turning your webcam on. Such malicious codes are sent in association with any game or any attractive file for you. Once you click on the attachment, the JavaScript runs on your computer and transfers control of your computer to an outsider. It makes you a toy for the person controlling your computer. RATs were basically designed for providing virtual assistance of experts for troubleshooting the systems by remote access. But unethical use of these useful tools can create huge disturbance in personal as well as business fields.  These tools can be installed secretly using disguised links such as downloadable music file, picture, wall paper, etc. Once they install on your PC. they open doors for other unauthorized person to rule over your computer and webcam.

2. Using Trojans

There is a variety of infectious malware that can march into your system leaving the doors open behind for others. Webcam hacking can occur via Trojans too. Contrasting to virus or worms they do not replicate them for spreading into system. Instead, they hide themselves in some other programs installed in your computer. Once they find a way into computer system, they trace a path to activate webcam without owner’s permission. These Trojans can be avoided by ignoring insecure websites for you download. Avoid clicking on any irrelevant tempting icon or ads because they can transmit Trojans to your computer system and a third person can get authority on your system creeping behind these Trojans. Latest laptops come with built in webcams that can also be infected and controlled by malware. While you are connecting to some other Wi-Fi network, be careful because you may get malware that will get off your control from your system.

3. Clickjacking

This technique is used on insecure website providing multimedia elements such as songs, videos, games, etc.  It mixes itself with App protocol or browser. It hides the Flash Permission prompt and shows it in form of different buttons such as play button on a video. As the user clicks on the button, instead of starting the video, it starts taking pictures using your webcam and sends them to some unknown person.