From AKG Tiesto to Skullcandy Jay-Z: The Most Popular Musician-Inspired Headphones

We can’t decide whether it’s an honor or an abomination to emblazon your name onto a gadget or tech accessory, especially if you’re a high-rolling musician who would rather appear on a leaked sex tape than be labeled as a geek. Implications aside, this thinking has completely been dissolved ever since Dr. Dre’s Beats line of audio accessories made phenomenal sales in the market.

Suddenly, musicians went on board not just as endorsers or collaborators of these products but also became heavily involved in the creative process and engineering of the devices. In a heartbeat, the casual consumer became a full-blown audiophile or connoisseur who knows what “crystal clear highs,” “smooth mids,” and “powerful lows” sound like due to the influence of these music professionals. So without further ado, we present some of the most prominent headphones and earphones out there. Read on and get blown away!SKULLCANDY11


Brand/Series: AKG by Tiesto
Endorsed by: DJ Tiesto

 For: Highly technical studio engineers and DJs

The AKG by Tiesto range features three high-performance professional-grade headphones perfect for people who want to follow the stylings of legendary DJ and producer Tiesto. Ideal for both the stage and the studio, this line of headphones offers impressive sound quality with stunning, roadworthy design.

Brand/Series: Skullcandy x Roc Nation
Endorsed by: Jay-Z
For: Sophisticated and detail-oriented aesthete

Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z worked with popular brand Skullcandy in creating this attractive and retro-looking pair of cans dubbed the Roc Nation Aviators. It’s a complete departure from Skullcandy’s tween/youthful demographic; but perhaps it’s the company’s way of diversifying their product line and giving the brand a more elegant and classic appeal. And perhaps they succeeded in this area – the pair isn’t bulky and overbuilt, but build quality is top-notch enough to withstand a beating; you’d still be able to hear your voicemail messages and favorite mp3s even while you’re flying 26,000 feet across the AtlanticBrand/Series: Beats by Dr. Dre
Endorsed by: Dr. Dre
For: Casual modern pop and hip hop listeners

If you’re not familiar with this brand, then you can blow your eardrums out and live the rest of your life as an earthling bridled by tinnitus. Considered as the godfather of all celebrity-backed headphones, the Beats series is a flashy line aimed at a higher end market. It’s a name that screams status and exclusivity, especially since Dr. Dre was able to convince the likes of Justin Bieber (Justbeats), Lady Gaga (Heartbeats), and P. Diddy (Diddybeats) to join the Beats club.

Brand/Series: House of Marley
Endorsed by: Bob Marley
For: Cause-minded, free-spirited individuals

What makes this range of audio accessories inspired by reggae legend Bob Marley and Rasta music stand out from the rest is that the manufacturing process involves combining recyclable metal, wood, canvas, and other sustainable materials to create superior quality and earth-friendly headphones and earbuds. If you’re looking for professional quality audio gear that’s manufactured by an upright and principled company, then look no further.

Brand/Series: Soul SL300 GG
Endorsed by: Ludacris
For: Sexy R&B enthusiast who wants to impress

This flagship model from Ludacris’ Soul Electronics will make you bop your head and start shaking your booty due to the high-definition, noise-cancelling sound properties the unit sports. Apart from that, this heavyset headset will instantly make you feel like it’s sonically superior due to its flashy intergalactic style, which is absolutely gorgeous. It wouldn’t be in direct competition with the Beats Audio line if it wasn’t any good. Best of all, it comes in gold so, time to get your bling on.

Like any other definitive list, we’re only listing down the top celebrity-endorsed and celebrity tribute headphones we can think of. If you’re not satisfied with what we’ve come up with, feel free to add more to the list any time!