Forever Booming Business with Asus Infinity Tablet

The Internet gave small businesses a new venue where they can conduct their transactions. It has introduced the possibility of operating an enterprise through a virtual office. However, because this type of office is very reliant to the World Wide Web, it is necessary for business owners like you to have gadgets that can access it and help in managing the enterprise. This is where Asus’ Infinity Pad, its third generation tablet, comes in.

Tablets are more portable than laptops yet a bit bigger than mobile handhelds. Asus has been one of the contenders in providing business owners an amazing. What sets it apart from Apple and Windows is its use of optional keyboard docks in its tablets. This keyboard docks promise better productivity because it will feel like working on a PC or laptop and give the tablet extra battery life through a second internal battery. Indeed, third is the charm, as what its current users say.

Physically, it is not as fantastic as Apple’s iPad but it is a definite upgrade from its predecessor, Asus Prime. It is a 10.1-inch tablet with an aluminum alloy chassis that make it appear and feel as tough as a nail. It is not as sleek as iPad because it is 8.55mm thick and weighs 600g. However, it surely tops Android units when it comes to sturdiness. Although it is only available in limited colors – purple, gray and white, or gold- it is equipped with a quad-core Tegra3 processor that runs at 1.6GHz. It has 1GB RAM and may either have a 32GB or 64 GB internal storage. With this internal structure and specifications, there is no denying that Asus Infinity can sustain and manage a business virtually.

asus infinity tablet review 2013

Aside from its specifications, the new Asus tablet can also boast of its Full HD resolution with a 1920 x 1200 pixel Super IPS display beneath Gorilla Glass 2. It’s visuals is amazingly clear and the almost real appearance of the videos when viewed through it is very remarkable. Although the colors are not as vibrant as Sansung’s AMOLED display, the high resolution is already noticeable. Among Android tablets, Asus Infinity is the cleanest and the sharpest in the market. With this resolution, reading documents becomes more pleasurable. Video conference calling is also taken to a higher level with this tablet. If you like gaming beside your business tasks, this tablet will surely get you glued.

Asus Infinity’s battery life is also worth noticing. It can function from eight to nine hours screen on time with mixed tasks to maximize productivity such as listening to voice mails, surfing the web, and typing documents. Pairing it with business apps from Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 will make managing a small business easier and better. One note-worthy app is Documents-to-Go. This Android app will let you view and edit Microsoft Office Documents and PDF files. GDocs application is also essential for this tablet. This app will make accessing Google Docs easier compared to accessing it through your tablet’s web browser. Although it lacks advanced formatting options, it will allow you to view your documents online or download them if necessary and sync it to the online version once you are done.

Asus Infinity tablet may not be as cheap as other low-cost out-dated tablets but it is not too expensive either. The 32GB version may cost around $600 if it does not come with the keyboard dock. The price can reach $800 if there is a keyboard.