Five Great Note-Taking Apps for Android

Note taking and recording has been revolutionized in the digital age. From using the traditional pen and paper, people have now moved to tapping and swiping through their smartphones to list down virtually everything they want. However, choosing the perfect note-taking app can be quite a challenge so you need a trusty solution which can help you jot down notes in class, create checklists, and list down ideas during meetings.

If you’re still daunted about which note-taking apps would be best for your Android smartphone, read on. Listed below are some great note-taking apps that you might want to consider.

Mobisle Notes: For those who value privacy

Sometimes, you need to take down notes that you don’t want anyone else to see and this is where Mobisle Notes comes in handy. With this app, you can set a password for notes that you want to keep private. I also features a checklist option which can be very useful when writing down lists. Given the right settings, you can easily switch these lists to plain text, too.

GNotes: For the loyal Google fan

GNotes allows you to sync notes into your Google account so you won’t need to make another account for another app or service just to save notes. With this app, you can see your saved notes when you open Gmail and have everything stored there. If you don’t want cloud storage on the other hand, GNotes can allow you to simply save your notes on your phone’s memory storage without having to sync them online.

ColorNote: For those who want simplicity

If you value writing notes with plain text, then this is the app for you. This simple note organizer in yellow and brown hues lets you easily remember your notes aside from just saving them on your phone. You can post sticky notes via your home screen beside the Angry Birds icon or your RingCentral app shortcut to remind you of your listed tasks or checklists in various sizes and hues. ColorNote also has a calendar function that lets you highlight important dates and reminders.

FreeNote: For the artistic

Want to take notes using your own handwriting on your smartphone? FreeNote allows you to do just that and more. With its hybrid handwriting and keyboard note-taking capability, you can be artsy in drawing your reminders instead of just typing them down. It also has a ‘paint’ function that lets you draw figures from your latest geometry lesson and allows you to put graffiti on the photo attached to your note.

Evernote: For the all-around person

If you want to put anything or everything into your phone, then Evernote is your go-to app. This all-around app allows you to take photos, record audio, attach PDF files and copy links for later use. You can save everything using your Evernote account and access them on other devices, too. This app also allows you to collaborate with and share your documents to whoever you want. Best of all, free users get an initial 60MB cloud-based capacity for saving files.