What Firefox OS could mean to the smartphone world

Mozilla has released many operating systems for the Smartphones. These operating systems have evolved in a big way for the people who work together with the mobile apparatus. The Firefox OS is based on an open web that is used to cooperate with many HTML based applications with the help of a browser.

Evolution of Mozilla Firefox OS

Since HTML has progressed to the latest Web standard, hence Mozilla developed into an important developer for the applications and websites of HTML. The difficulty which Mozilla had to face with the Smartphones is that, the prospect to link the capabilities of the Smartphone hardware to the mobile browsers is very remote. This objective has finally allowed Mozilla to declare their individual Smartphones at the mobile world. The Firefox OS which is installed in the Smartphones is now tremendously reasonable and cheap. The OS also targets the developing Smartphone markets where the possibility to make an impression in the market is very high.


Comparison of Firefox with other operating systems

The Firefox OS is open-source and based on the internet, hence the other developers have the luxury to sell and trade the mobile applications. It is also not required by the developers to share the profits and revenues with other operating systems. In contrast to other operating systems, which are made through exclusive technology, the Firefox OS makes use of the HTML standard that the web services are generally made with. It means that any person who is acquainted with the web program design, can also generate the applications of the Firefox operating system. The Mozilla Firefox OS is also proficient to function on devices which do not require much hardware as compared to other OS.

Creating the Marketplace

As compared to other operating systems, Mozilla plans to utilize the website power for creating the application store, by allowing application developers to create apps which can be conveniently incorporated into Firefox OS. Mozilla has specified that it will include various games, news and commercial applications. The applications are generally built as mobile websites which will allow to connect with the device hardware before presenting to several built-in application stores. The possibility is that, nearly all the applications which can work in the browser can definitely be positioned in Firefox Marketplace, thereby decreasing the price for distributing and emerging applications.

Emergence of Firefox Marketplace

You are already aware of the fact that the Firefox OS is a type of web-based operating system in Smartphone which is produced by Mozilla. Now, Mozilla has combined with various device manufacturers as well as with the mobile operators in various parts of the world to release the Firefox Smartphones in the year of 2013. Mozilla has also formally released the Firefox Marketplace. It is an application store presenting various mobile applications as well as websites that can be operated on the brand new Smartphones. The Firefox OS as well as the Marketplace is augmented to expansion of HTML through the browser of Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox OS stresses on the application of HTML 5, which means that the developers eyeing to back the platform must use only HTML 5. Provided that various OS applications are already created using HTML 5, it is a quite convenient model where Mozilla aims to thrust the applications available through all platforms.