10 of the Most Important Car Accessories for Your Family Car

Going out for a drive with your family should be a wonderfully relaxing time, but do you sometimes worry about the safety and comfort of your youngest passengers?

family car accesories

Well, the good news is that there are some terrific accessories around that you can use to ensure that this will be a stress-free trip.

Kid’s Car Seat

The most essential car accessory for drivers with young passengers is a kid’s car seat. This will protect your little one and ensure that he is comfortable for the whole journey.

It is important that you take their age and weight into account when choosing a car seat. Getting the wrong type can be as bad as not using one at all. This is a must have of all accessories if you have kids travelling with you.


If you are going to be driving somewhere with strong sunlight then a sunscreen is essential. Just imagine the effect of the sun on your child or baby’s face if it shines in their window constantly for several hours.

These accessories come in all sort of shapes and sizes. Indeed, you can even choose ones that have images of their favourite film or cartoon characters on them.

A Music Player

Putting on some music or an audio book is one of the easiest ways to make the drive seem more enjoyable for everyone. If you don’t often get a chance to listen to music as a family then this could be especially welcome.

Most modern cars will have a good entertainment system as part of the default accessories in them and you should check that you are fully prepared with a good variety of music before you leave home if that is the case.

Heated Car Cushions

Late night arrivals or early morning starts can be uncomfortable due to the cold weather. This is why using heated car cushions is such a smart idea.

Your whole family will feel a lot happier about long drives in cold conditions once they have heated cushions to sit on.

WiFi Hotspot

Just about every parent has suffered the torture of listening to the kids constantly asking if they have arrived yet. This makes any trip seem far longer than it really is, but how can you avoid it?

Adding a Wi-Fi hotspot to the car is a good move. This will give you the little ones the chance to watch videos, play games or do whatever else keeps them amused and from being bored.

In-Car DVD Player

If your young ones love watching movies and cartoons then it is a good idea to give them the chance to do so in the car. If you are making a long trip this will help to pass at least an hour of the time without any hassles or stress.

Just be sure to take along a different selection of DVDs on each trip, to avoid everyone in the car having to listen to the same ones over and over again.

Baby Car Mirror

Keeping an eye on your baby in the back seat can seem almost impossible when you are driving. Ideally there will be someone there to look after him but if not then you can use a baby car mirror.

This is a simple and inexpensive accessory that can make a huge difference to how relaxed you feel while driving.

Camera for Reversing Safely

Reversing can be a stressful operation when you have a car full of kids. In fact, it can also be difficult to even see out of the rear window when you have a packed car.

This is why a camera can help you to reverse more safely. A sensor will tell you how much distance you have to work with and allow you to guide the car in easily.

A Boot Liner

This might not be the most exciting of car accessories in the world but it can help you to keep the vehicle in tip top condition. If you are going to be transporting around dog, bikes or muddy boots then a good boot liner will ensure that the car doesn’t get too muddy.

This is an especially useful accessory for adventurous families who love nothing more than getting out for some fun.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Finally, the last thing that you want is to get put off any more family trips because it takes too long to clean the car afterwards. Of course, even the tidiest family is going to get the car dirty if they spend a few hours in it.

Therefore, a small but powerful car vacuum cleaner is ideal for getting into all of the nooks and crannies to get the vehicle perfectly clean. With the help of this accessory you can get the car looking perfect again.

Got any other car accessories for family trip in mind? Let us know in the comments below.