How is experiential marketing opening new avenues of success for the new brands?

Traditional marketing is a unidirectional process. The brand sends out messages through different promotional media including TV, print, and radio.

Digital marketing is recent, and it somewhat expands the scope of two-way interaction between a brand and its target customers. Nonetheless, most of the products these businesses sell are intangible to the potential buyers on these digital platforms.

The new methods of experiential marketing provide robust platforms for the interaction of the new brands with their prospective purchasers. In fact, a promotional event marketing campaign allows the brands to reach out to their target audience in their comfort zone.

Why should you focus on location-based marketing?

Say, you have a new ice cream store that offers delicious flavors for all ages. Where would you go to announce the opening of your new store? Who would be more interested in a double scoop mint chip delight or raspberry ice cream with choco chip sprinkles?

It is definitely not a bright idea to place your truck in front of a dentist’s clinic. However, setting your vehicle up in front of the school gate during recess or looking for ice cream lovers near the entrance of a movie theater makes more sense.

Knowing your audience can help you make the best of your opportunity at a low cost.

Here are a few benefits of experiential marketing you can enjoy –

  1. Stronger relationships with your customers
  2. Increasing awareness about your product and brand
  3. Enhancing customer loyalty
  4. Creating a positive brand image and better memories
  5. Increase word of mouth publicity
  6. Reaching the potential buyers in their comfort zone
  7. Exploring a slice of the real market at a fraction of the actual cost

How can you dazzle potential customers with new tricks?

One of the most amazing ways to engage in event marketing is arranging for a mobile truck tour. Mobile trucks have already become predictable and a tad-bit trite. So, you can always pimp them up a little or upgrade to a glass truck for your tour.

Glass trucks are leagues apart from any other mobile tour truck you have seen. It gives you a glimpse of the inside workings of a store or a shop. Apart from showcasing the mélange of new flavors and colors, you can always uphold the cleanliness and hygiene of your store in front of your prospective customers.

What the next step after booking a truck tour?

Arranging a glass truck tour is not enough to ensure the success of a brand or its new products. You need several methods of measuring the productivity of your approach.

  1. Measure the number of A-grade products
  2. Calculate the quality of impressions and the data collected from the site(s)
  • The number of valuable leads that you receive from the campaign(s)
  1. The level of integration or supplementation into other marketing programs
  2. The count of relevant customers and people with purchasing intent
  3. Percentage of returning customers and level of trust among them

Experiential marketing offers a deeper penetration of a market already reeling with veteran brands. To make your mark, you need some out-of-the-box ideas, brilliant platforms to execute them and reliable analytical methods to gauge the performance.