How to create a stunning website from scratch online for free

It is quite surprising that some brands don’t have their business website. Such brands don’t last long as they are unaware of the latest shopping trends where people prefer buying stuff online.


Blogging was once just a thing of journalists and well established speakers. We are putting up every thought and memory of our life on the social media, so why not our ideas and business. Creating a website or blog will let you reach out to everyone who is connected to your business or idea. You publish what depicts your thoughts and when you find readers with similar thoughts you get prospects.

So blogging is a way of acquiring leads these days. If you are looking forward to get customers or followers for your business or personal portfolio then blogging is the way to get it done. So, it is imperative that every business should have its website. No matter you deal in clothes or utensils, the website is essential for almost all businesses whether big or small.

A website not only serves as a business identity, but it is also a powerful marketing tool existing in the present time.

Some individuals cannot afford to get their website developed by a website development agency as it is just the beginning of their business and they cannot afford to invest money in the  development process. If you are also financially drained and cannot invest money on website development, then this article would definitely provide a solution to your problem.

We are going to look at a website creation service that is Free! Yes you heard that right. Let me introduce you to

What is Wix?

The catchy name is a well know service in the internet for every webmaster. provides an entirely different approach to website creation. It implements what is called a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) approach to website design and development.

Create a Website online using Wix

Be It a simple one page site or a startup ecommerce site, wix has got you covered. Let me take you through the feature of this amazing service

Features of Wix:

Wix Blog editor:

Wix has an amazing Blog editor that lets you start a blog straight away with the template of your choice. There are lots of tools that are provided by Wix such for promotion, publishing and styling your content. The blog editor is an invaluable tool and it’s very easy to publish content via the editor. You do not need any HTML knowledge or PHP for that matter. You can edit the style and make it look the way you want it to be. Creating a blog with Wix is extremely easy and intuitive.

Wix App market:

We use apps on a daily basis and I need not say more on how important it is to have an app for everything. While creating a plain white website is no easy task, designing an awesome site definitely takes time. Wix has cleverly implemented what they call the Wix App Store where you’ll find lots of app to make your website better. Be it your content, SEO or images, they have you covered.


This is the backbone of any website till now and will be in the future too. SEO in laymans terms is simply the way a website is structured for readability by the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo(Or should I say Verizon?). The more structured it is, the better your site will rank in search results. Wix has this covered through their app store as well.

Wix Invoices:

If you are trying to build an online store, then Wix is the right place to do it. Ecommerce sites are a bit complicated to build and run but Wix takes out all that crap out of your valuable time and help you create you business website in no time.

However the biggest advantage is the invoice creators. You want customers to buy, and implementing a purchase mechanism on your own for a website is time consuming and sheds some extra bucks out of your pocket. With their invoice payment system you can make it a lot easier to buy as well as track.


Templates are the main backbone of Wix. With the humongous amount of templates to choose from, you’ll definitely find your dream website design already lying there ready to choose from the gallery. This is what everyone loves about Wix. In other words, you don’t need to design a thing on your own.

These are just some of the exhaustive feature list of Wix. The list is a whole lot bigger than this and you can only learn about each of them after you try them. Sign up for the free Wix plan and see how easy it is to create a website these days.