The Beauty of Buying Refurbished Apple Products

Fanboys (girls) and non-fanboys (girls) alike have long accepted the truth that most gadgets or electronics from Apple are overpriced – and if that means getting them on Black Friday only for discounts, buying them second hand, acquiring them through not-so-legal means, or any other rare opportunity to snag one for less, then by all means, they would.

Buying a product from the Steve Jobs-started company can cost people an arm and a leg, so some would opt to get refurbished units of their preferred Apple product. Besides, it can give buyers tons of savings and at the same time still allow them to enjoy the same hyped Apple product of their choice whether it’s an iPad, an iPod, a MacBook, a Mac Pro, or any of their past and present incarnations.

What is a refurbished Apple product?

The category of refurbished Apple products includes those pre-owned units and those returned for defects. Before putting up an item for reselling, Apple cleans it up, replaces any defective or sub-standard parts, re-installs software initially included with the unit, makes the item undergo quality control testing to avoid further issues, and then repackages it by throwing in new cables, batteries, and manuals and a new serial number to make it fresh.

Obviously, these refurbished products are cheaper despite having the same-as-new appearance and same one-year warranty that comes with new Apple hardware. Sometimes, they’re even superior to items off the shelves because they’re individually inspected and tested. The only thing different is perhaps the outer packaging, as most of these items come in nondescript brown cardboard boxes – you won’t get to appreciate Apple’s great packaging once you buy refurbished. But who cares about the boxes, really?

Used Apple Products for a better and cheap price

Who needs refurbished Apple products?

Apple is reeking with form and function; anyone who holds it automatically gets an added cool factor whenever and wherever. But not everyone can afford it, especially for those belonging to these demographics:

  • Students. Dad and mom don’t have the money to spare for additional for your “toys,” since they’re already spending a lot for your education. But you might just convince them to do so if it’s $300 or so cheaper.
  • Unemployed or underworked graduates. Admit it – the recession seriously drained all your savings down to the remaining pennies on your pocket. Even if you’ve acquired all the graphic design skills or video editing skills from college, you can’t practice them because you don’t have the proper machine to be able to do so. This reason is enough for you to get refurbished Apple products for cheap.
  • Frugal people. Say you’re a starting businessman about to rock the world of startups. How would you appear believable if you don’t have a proper phone or a tablet that is not only professional-looking but also expensive-looking? And since you’ve only just begun, it isn’t fair to deduct a great sum of money from your already thinning budget on these essential yet overpriced items. If you could get a 64GB iPad to use for your business phone calls or presentations for a hundred dollars less than what you’d normally pay for a new one, then wouldn’t that be sweet?

What’s wrong with refurbished?

Actually, there’s nothing wrong with buying refurbished electronic devices. People do it all the time, anyway. They buy clothes from thrift shops. They buy fully functional HDTVs with a few dents on the side. They buy second-hand cars, textbooks, video games, and DVDs. There’s no reason for you not to buy “refurbs” from Apple, especially given the company’s great refurbishment process and policy (heck, they even look brand-spanking-new).

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to the refurbished section over at the Apple Store to find great deals!