9 Important blogging tips for all the bloggers

Blog writing has become so much common ever since the facility of making free blogs has been available. It can be really easy to make a blog, these days. Just follow the simple steps and your blog will be ready. People use blogs for various reasons. One major reason is the desire to reach more customers. Like many people, you might think blog writing is extremely easy but it is not that easy usually. There are plenty of blogging tips and tricks that should be followed to get the best results.

image courtesy by Cheon Fong Liew via flickr
image courtesy by Cheon Fong Liew via flickr

Tips and tricks to consider

If you are not aware of these tips and tricks then you will never be able to make the best use of this facility. Here are some of the tips that might assist you:

  1. The blog will obviously have a headline. It needs to be descriptive in order to make sure that the reader gets the point by just looking at the heading. Even if the reader does not read the whole article, he can actually skim through the headings and get the actual point. Since you will be giving a headline, it should be interesting and good.
  2. Your writing style should be like an inverted pyramid. In blog writing, you have to tell the main idea of your article to the readers first so that they can get to know what the content is all about. You can then move on telling the details further.
  3. If you are adding links in your blog writing, make sure that the first link you add is the main one. It has been observed that readers mostly click on the first link only. Therefore, it would be better not to include many links in your writing as well.
  4. Although, it would be nice to share new knowledge every time in your blog posts to keep the interest of your audience intact but while doing that, do not make the readers forget the focal purpose of your blog. Keep on reintroducing the main idea so that the readers know what you want to explain.
  5. Headings alone are not enough. Make your blog colorful. Add images, lists, tables, sub headings, use different writing styles, make flow charts or diagrams, and highlight the important points. This will make the article much more attractive for the reader. He will not even get bored of reading it.
  6. Do not make your blog complex. Using simple language for simple people should be the key. People from all over the world may be reading your blog so it is important that simple language should be used. If you will use complex words, then the ones, who are not native English speakers will quit reading your blog posts.
  7. Some of us do blogging for promoting our website. If you are also a blogger for the same purpose then do mention your name and the link of your site end at the end of each post. This will make people reach your website if they like your posts.
  8. Time after time, you will have to make updates in your blog. Make sure that you mark these changes. Even if some reader points out something wrong in your writing, then mark it too.
  9. Last but not the least, the blog posts should be free of spelling and other grammatical errors. Proof read the posts well before they are actually posted.

These blogging tips and tricks are meant for both the beginners as well as for the intermediate bloggers. Blogging can be easy if you follow these tips and you readers will remain happy.

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