Battle de Operating System: Windows 8 versus Quantal Quetzal versus OS X Mountain Lion

After the release of Windows 8, the battle for supremacy has begun. Those in the run are inevitably the same – Windows 8 from Microsoft, OS X Mountain Lion from Apple and Quantal Quetzal. Of the three, Windows 8 is a total revamp and that is evident from the way it is trying to make inroads into the handheld device market for the first time. Earlier, Windows versions were mostly PC and laptop centric, undeniably.  The quest to replicate Microsoft’s success with Windows series in the handheld device market too, is evident. Microsoft very well knows that most future computers will be handhelds, and its presumptions are widely believed to be realistic.

From near total domination of the OS market by Microsoft, things have come a long way since. Open source based systems like Linux, and Apple’s OS are steadily biting into what is believed to be the beginning of a long drawn war. Chances are that, although all players will get substantial business in absolute terms, in the long run, Windows domination will come to an end in percentage terms. Predictably, market analysts see the present war as the beginning to more new entrants entering the fray. In the wake of the new battle, making a comparison between the three goliaths is inevitable. In the immediate future before things stabilize, each one will be learning from the others. Another trend that you need to take note is the rise of open source based OS like Ubuntu with their Quantal Quetzal.


The Little Things That Windows 8 Needs to Learn From OS X Mountain Lion

  1. Windows 8 does have a pop-up notification located at the right-top corner. Although useful, future releases must consider having something like the one in OS X Mountain Lion which does not interfere with working when a message comes in, and still give a list of notifications for the user. What makes it better in the OS X is primarily the location.
  2. The SmartGlass which provides PC to TV connectivity is just fine, and Microsoft very well knows that this feature is what will drive markets in the future. But what Microsoft must consider is, integrating the app into the software itself like in the OS X Mountain Lion.
  3. Windows 8 can go a step up on text messaging. They need to consider message synchronization with the Windows Phones and PCs so that users can get access on a full-size computer when answering messages.
  4. Windows 8 should consider bringing the voice dictation utility to the fore. Currently, this feature is not prominently displayed. They should take a cue from the Mountain Lion so that a couple of taps can bring this utility out prominently.


How Windows Can Tweak Against Quantal Quetzal

  1. At least, there is one point on which most disagree with the default user interfaces in Windows 8 and Quantal Quetzal work. And the reason both are receiving considerable flak is that both are extremely oriented towards mobile devices. Both need to make changes.
  2. Windows should consider making bigger changes to make it more customizable like the Quantal Quetzal. Whatever changes that users see in Windows 8 is mostly cosmetic and does not provide a great experience.
  3. Windows must increase the number of apps that they have for the OS. Although Windows has been touting that the apps will increase, there is very little addition unlike in Quetzal which abounds in apps. Quetzal no doubt is open source and has an advantage, but Windows 8 needs to work harder and provide better support to developers.


OS X Mountain Lion – Why that Hurry?

That OS X Mountain Lion came up with a new operating system at such fast pace is a little surprising. Perhaps, they had more to do with the release date of Microsoft’s Windows 8. Although the newer version has substantial improvements to its credit, it cannot be lose sight of the fact that most of them are of a cosmetic nature. Although cosmetic, the changes to live messaging, the first time foray into iCloud, the Game, new notification center, Air Play, improved security features and sharing, deserve appreciation. The other notable features which the competing systems can introduce are Share Sheets, Reminders, Take Notes and Gate Keeper.

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