Apps Your iPhone Should Have

Even if the iPhone is a common thing in today’s digital age, it’s always a different device for each user. Especially because it’s a multi-tasking tool, the versatility it offers allows users to do so many things all at once.

But no matter what kind of apps you like or what you use your iPhone for, here are some apps that you should have:


You probably have multiple social media and messaging accounts. Even with the iPhone’s great interface and easy app switching, it’s still a bit of a hassle when your Facebook contacts are trying to chat with you at the same time as your Google friends. lets you integrate all your messaging and social media accounts into one app. You just have to input your login name and password for each account once and it’s just a matter of turning the account on and off. You can input multiple accounts for each service and even set your status and invisibility. You can even make and receive video calls or pictures as long as the particular messaging service allows it.

  • DropBox

This cloud-based file storage is an essential app for all iPhone users. It allows you to access all the files you’ve uploaded to the cloud on your iPhone. You can view documents, download music, books and videos as well as certain applications. You usually get around 5 gigabytes of space with their free app, with options to get more space through sharing and other small tasks. For corporate users, you can also subscribe to much bigger space and expanded functions. You pay a monthly fee to enjoy more services from DropBox.

  • RingCentral

If you want to save on landline and overseas calls, you can use RingCentral’s special internet telephony app. You get it free when you subscribe to their VoIP phone service. This way, you can make and receive calls from anywhere without having to pay high monthly premiums that landline phones require. If you have an iPad for the house, why don’t you double it up as a landline phone? You can also use your email to fax, look through your voice mail and manage any other phone system you’re using.

  • Battery Doctor +

You can never discount an app that takes care of the unit it’s installed on. This app and many others like it monitor your iPhone when it needs to charge and while it’s charging. It gives you tips on how to save battery and prolong battery lifetime. Some more advanced apps even give you the exact time your battery is going to last with the current usage. Just turn the app on when you’re charging and it protects your battery.

  • Find my iPhone

Just in case you lose your device, make sure you’ve activated this app along with location services. This way, you can log in to your account on another iOS device and it finds your iPhone for you.