Applications to use before your examinations to boost your marks

Introduction: Exam time in indeed one of the most stressful times for students, especially for those who are not well prepared to meet them earnestly, courageously and up front. However, even unprepared students who need to take up exams urgently could gain solace from the fact that there are many supportive apps which may prove to be beneficial before exams and which may also help in boosting grades, depending upon several factors.

Schedule Planner Pro: Perhaps one of the most important yet most ignored domains by students is that relating to their management of time, or personal Time Management. Indeed by weeding out unwanted and superfluous aspects in studies and just focusing on the important and critical aspects of studies, it is possible to improve and boost one’s grades. Following a strict and well balanced routine or schedule is also important to gain higher grades, and this is where Schedule Planner Pro comes in handy. With the use of Google or iOS calendar, it is possible for this iPhone app to organize and arrange all activities with 100% accuracy, precision and minutest detail, and even make provisions for some well earned recreational or pleasure activities. It also has the option to pre set tasks and also receives alarms and alerts when needed and necessary. All said and done, this Schedule Planner Pro could indeed go a long way in providing the much necessary app assistance in academics for gaining higher grades in exams.

Sleep Cycle Clock: Examination times often require aspiring students to study well into the night, thereby often compromising on much needed sleep. Often students are at a loss to understand how much sleep is necessary to retain concentration and memory faculties intact, and more importantly, how much time of sleep could be foregone each night that could not be detrimental to one’s psyche and body. This sleep syndrome issues could be easily and immediately resolved just by opting for Sleep Cycle Clock into the iPhone. This is how it works for the benefit of sleepers. While keeping this app switched on, one needs to place iPhone under pillow and sleep. This app sensor the intensity of sleep based on body movements, and the moment the sleep turns light the alarm wakens up the sleeper. Besides, this app also provides detailed statistics of sleep, including time of sleep, time of wakening, number of hours and minutes slept and so on. The main benefit of this app is that it makes sure that the sleeper is fresh and fit the next day, without the usual drowsiness, mental discord and disorientation that is part of lack of proper sleep. This way, it is possible to stay healthy and in tune with good sleep, night after night and thus do excellently in the exams.

iHomework: This app dispenses with the need to mentally keep track of important academic events, assignments submission dates, grades gained, test dates, instructor data and so on. All these important matters are now stored in iHomework and are prompted to the student through alerts and alarms. The end result is that the student can take a load of many facts and figures and just focus on gaining more grades. This is indeed an amazing app that could be used for improving grades and more importantly, making good and optimum use of this app for bettering present grades

Grades 2:  Depending upon its optimum usage, Grades 2 could be one of the major weaponry for gaining high grades in exams. This keeps track of Grade Point Average (GPA) which is a major pointer and indicator of level of student academic performance and is extensively used in most States of the USA. Through an extremely user-friendly interfacing, it is possible to provide results of the current GPA, and also update about the kinds of marks that are necessary to gain certain levels of GPA. In other words, Grades 2 could be considered as GPA assessor and upgrade, depending upon student performance.

iThought: Finally another useful and user friendly device app that offers planned, controlled and easy flowing brain storming especially in domain of essay writing. Through iThought is it possible to drag ideas and resources from desktop applications for writings and experiments. It also makes connections to gained topics and offers attractive presentations through the use of graphs, diagrams, maps and other cartooned presentations.

While the above are some of the more popular app that are available to students, it is necessary that these should only be used in conjunction with hard work, dedication, commitment, challenge -readiness, sincerity, diligence and the burning urge to gain more grades, since these apps, by themselves and without the above virtues, would indeed fall much short of being capable enough of attaining high grades for any student who uses them, bright or otherwise.

Author Bio: I am Reece Higgins and I am concentrated on writing for essay writing companies for the past years. My experience and expertise have indeed lent a hand for me to write academic assignments such as Apps to use before your exams to boost your marks.