Apple Stock Fluctuations – Nothing To Worry About, These Are Corrections!

Wall Street has witnessed Apple a bit fallen from the previous ranks and all it has let the investors think twice before investing. They are confused to realize whether it’s a great new opportunity or an end to the Apple’s ball run.

Apple has been facing a 10% fall in the share value that was previously at $705.07, the highest figure. Tuesday was the 4th consecutive day when Apple faced a decline in the market share.

Although, it has been considered as a healthy correction in the Apple’s shares that have crossed the 700 limit in 15 months only. However, investors are still worried about the future of Apple.

Why it is not good to buy iphone5 in 2012

The confusion of investors has many reasons behind. Apple’s Maps app is the most disturbing feature for many users as it lacks many important things.

Google maps, offered in iOS, are much better than Apple’s maps. This serves as a strong supporting factor why Steve Jobs hadn’t allowed such a faulty product to be launched.

The lighting adapter that users have to buy in order to run the device with chargers, speaker docs, and alarm clocks, is another negative point of iPhone 5 that’s disturbing the repute of Apple.

Apple is no more a big business to invest over, as it’s not in a position right now to get its customer count enhanced and earn maximum from the sales. However, critics think that this situation will pass sooner and the controversy is short lived.

It’s not a surprise that Apple is breathing, but still investors are cautious about their move towards investment in the company. The possible stumble chances are making stock holders think about exiting before any such thing happens and that’s a very discouraging aspect.

Would the Apple Mini be a magical product for Apple to bring back the lost position in the stock market? (The product is going to be launched this month). If it happens, then it would be a tough competition for Amazon that has introduced the popular Kindle Fire.

There are also chances that some iTV would be the real game charger for Apple. However, iPhone 5 is still popular among the hard-core fans of Apple, despite all of its flaws.

Apple’s quarterly report will be published on October 25th. It has been predicting that the earnings will be expressed as 25% per share, compared to 30% of the previous year.

The expected earnings for the next quarter and for the year closing in September 2013, are expected to be much higher, may be due to the hype created by the analysts after the previous earning report of Apple. The earnings estimates of Apple for next year are valued at 13.5 with the peak value of $705.

The stock position shouldn’t be taken seriously, as Apple has seen corrections in past one year and then stock was improved as well. Previous year, when iPhone 4S was introduced into the markets, stocks of Apple experienced a fall of 15% and the share value decreased from $420.70 to $363.32. All that happened over a period of 7 weeks and had affected the business of unlock iPhone 4s software providers.

The conclusion of the whole discussion is the investors who have sold the stock due to the ongoing slump; they might have missed some opportunity of earning higher in the coming months. What will happen in near future with Apple’s stocks and what will be the investors’ mood to invest over the company? Hold your breath!