Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 – Giving off a Blazing Passion for Tablets

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is the most desirable Kindle Fire computer tablet to date. It has an appealing high-definition screen, unbelievably fast 4G LTE, flawless streaming performance and access to a great media ecosystem. Its navigation is faster navigation than its 7-inch counterparts. In fact, the most recent interface of Fire HD is a better fit on a screen that is 8.9- inch size.



Fire HD 8.9’s unique screen is between iPad Mini (7.9-inches) and iPad (9.7 inch). While iPad Mini is carrying Apple’s advantage of industry-leading App Store; Fire HD 8.9’s unfailing stream capacity, lower pricing, and high resolution screen are better deals, especially for an Amazon member.

With Regards to iPad 4th generation and Nook HD+

While Apple’s fourth generation iPad is holding the crown as the king of premium tablets due to its great performance, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 8.9 prowess is a lot cheaper price of an initial of $299 which makes it appear still attractive.

It is worth notable that Barnes & Nobles’ Nook HD+ is also a nine-inch tablet that comes at $269.I it has a lightly-higher resolution screen than Kindle, and an expandable storage. The Nook ecosystem version is not matured yet – no 46G version and no Kindle Fire flexibility. Though Kindle Fire is not the best version yet, but HD 8.9 is already satisfactory as the best media consumption computer tablet there is. Its back is quite smooth though not as grip-friendly as the Nexus 10.

Beveled Bottoms

While thin forms were the fads for tablets in 2011, beveled bottoms are the new hot stuff since 2012. Actually, Kindle Fire is thinner than the contemporary iPad and is quite akin to Nexus 10. Amidst the top part of its outer plastic encased bezel is the 720p web chat camera with an almost invisible ambient light sensor.


Since the first Kindle Fire launched, Amazon has redesigned the interface. At HD 8.9, it is still mature and streamlined with sharper images and great-looking texts.  The carousel interface is still there, but looks smoother and navigates faster this time. Users can take apps from the carousel and can add them to favorites.

The Not-So Rekindling Part

Kindle Fire HD 8.9’s web performance is quite behind other tablets. The physical design is quite boring and its buttons are at times too flashy with the chassis. This tablet is good for a genuine media experience better than those that came before it; but those utilitarians may look elsewhere. It does not come with an actual adapter for some reasons. Instead, it is supplied with a Micro-USB-to-USB cable only. While the tablet charges by connecting it to a computer that is plugged in, it does so slowly – and only when it sleeps.

In the middle portion at the bottom edge are the micro HDMI and micro USB ports. There is a headphone jack, power or sleep button and volume rocker; found from top to bottom. Buttons power/sleep and volume rocker are sitting flush, making themselves noticed. On its top edge is a microphone pinhole.


If you are buying a Kindle Fire, pick the Kindle Fire HD 8.9. Its great screen which facilitates Amazon, interface and fast processor make it a must-have. Having an initial price of $299, it is one of today’s best tablets in the market, and this latest Kindle Fire edition is yet the best one.