Age of Empires: Castle Seige now available for Android – A setback for Windows Phone lovers

Age of Empires : Castle Seige is now available for Android.

Age of Empires: Castle Seige has been on the shelves of Windows Store for quite sometime now. I’ve been playing it from the start and its an awesome game.

Age of Empires Castle Seige Android

After moving to Android, I played it on my windows laptop just because it wasn’t available for Android. Seriously, the lack of decent apps made me switch to Android from Windows Phone.

When the game launched, AoECS was entirely meant for the Windows Ecosystem. They made it a prestige thing and brought it to life for windows users only. But lately Windows Phones started losing ground for one sole purpose, lack of decent apps.

I was once hopeful that windows store might be able to run android apps via a sandbox called project Astoria. It was an official project from Microsoft. But different developers had different opinions. Due to lack of coordination or some other cause, Microsoft abandoned this project.

After this we all lost hope that Windows Phone will not be what it wanted to be. So eventually we had to switch to Android or iOS.

AoECS was like a special gift to windows users and we all loved it. It surelyy brought many users to adapt to Windows via a secindary mobile.

But they couldn’t keep their promise and Windows Phone was set to fail. Since Windows Phone is not gaining anymore ground, the team decided to bring it to Android. This will help them have the current gamers who buy ingame stuff and also new ones from Android. This will bring them more profit.

I’ve brought addons via the in app purchases several times. So that was like a good deal since most of buy during the loot sale.

I am quite happy that Age of Empires Castle Seige is out for Android but what bothers me is the fate of Windows Phone. Will it be dead soon or will Microsoft bring something innovative to revive its lost glory? We have to see.

But for now, build your empire and enjoy the game.

You can download the Age of Empires Castle Seige for Android here:

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