4 Revolutionary advancements in Vaping technology

Vaping has come a long way from its days as a little-known technology in the 1970s. Today, across many vape shops, vapers have access to an extensive range of advanced devices that let them customize their experience down to the last detail with smart technology innovations like e liquid etc.

The Invention of the Cartomizer and Clearomizer

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What is Vaping?

Early e-cigarettes relied solely on the atomizer to turn the liquid in the device to an inhalable vapor. With these vaping devices, you needed a separate cartridge for the liquid. The introduction of the cartomizer was a notable advancement in vaping technology because it greatly streamlined the design of e-cigs. Cartomizers combine the cartridge and atomizer. Just visit a cigarette store near you or your closest vapor store and finding your vape is easy. You can also do a quick google search for “Vapor stores near me” or “Vape near me” and find them fast.

The cartomizer is a small tube containing poly fill. This material absorbs the e-juice and holds it in place near the heating element. You can find both disposable and refillable cartomizers. The clearomizer is the next evolution in cartomizers. Clearomizers have a clear tank that allows you to see the exact amount of e-juice in your device. This prevents the user from accidentally vaping on an empty tank, which results in an unpleasant burnt taste.

Extended Battery Life for Vape devices

The next element to get an upgrade in the vaping device was the battery. Having fallen in love with vaping, users wanted an e-cig that would last longer between charges. Today, you’ll find many batteries available on the market. The three most common options are ICR, IMR, and hybrid batteries. The main appeal of ICRs is the higher storage capacity. However, these batteries don’t always deliver safely on that amperage.

The safest option for an e-cig battery is an IMR or hybrid. Carefully check the milliamp hours (mAh) on your battery and match it to the specifications for your vaping device or mod. Always match your battery and device carefully. Failure to do so can result in a fire and serious injury.

Vaping Mods

A vaping mod is a device that delivers battery charge to the atomizer. Mods deliver a powerful current from a replaceable or rechargeable battery. A mod allows you to power your vaping device from a source separate from the e-cigarette itself. This is an appealing option because many standard devices have a battery that’s not replaceable. Mods significantly extend the life of your device. However, it’s important to use mods with care. Mechanical mods deliver a lot of energy, and you run the risk of a short-circuit if you’re not using a quality mod.

Customized Mouthpieces

Vaping devices come with their own standard mouthpiece, but many products also have alternative mouthpieces you can choose from that feature slimmer designs or those that are more rounded. You can improve your draw with Vaporcade using the optional hookah attachment. Users who drip will attach their mouthpiece directly to the atomizer to inhale, and are often more particular about finding the right mouthpiece. The right mouthpiece can dramatically improve the draw and enhance your vaping experience.

Vaping technology is always advancing to include new creative ways to enjoy this experience. Keep an eye out for the next innovation to see how you can continue to enhance your vaping.