Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Review

Adobe Photoshop CS6 may have attracted heaps of positive reviews from users but its sibling had been growing quietly. The Photoshop Elements 11 is Adobe’s newest version of consumer-centric photo editor. Adobe has made some attractive changes to the interface from its previous version in order to make it even more user-friendly. Let’s quickly review some of the most important features of the Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.

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The organizer in Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is an ideal tool for cataloguing, printing, recovering, and filling your images. From facial recognition to calendar searches to geo-tagging, there are a range of features that help organize your images more effectively. This tool lets you adjust the sharpness, color, contrast etc of selected images without any difficulty. To effectively organize your images, you may open only selected images and work on them rather than doing it the other way round. Using the organizer, you can not only manage images but also some of the essential tasks such as calendar, photo books etc. So, the Photoshop Elements 11 gives you a greater flexibility to effectively organize your tasks.


No doubt, this is the section that adds to any photo editor’s delight. Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is classified into 3 main sections to suit the needs of users at different levels – Quick mode, Guided mode and Expert mode.

Quick mode

This section is comprised of only a fistful number of tools – tooth brightening, selection, text healing, and redeye. The simpler elements such as colors, exposure and smart fix – all of which were one-click wonders – are revealed in 3 X 3 grids each displaying the selected image. And of course, there are the basic controls such as the color adjustments, image saturation, hue modifier etc. The Quick mode pretty much caters to the photo editing needs of beginners.

Guided mode

The guided mode offers a lot of touchup options such as color enhancement, scratch removal, skin tone correction and so on. The Photo Effect feature encompasses the Orton effect, tilt-shift effect, depth of field, high and low key effects and then Photo Play feature gives you a range of options on – pop art, reflection, picture sack, and out of bounds. By selecting any of the guides that constitute the Guided mode, you’ll be able to customize images with a professional touch. Typically, we can say that this mode is advanced for a beginner and more appropriate for an intermediate level photographer.

Expert mode

You will be taken in for a pleasant surprise when you switch from the Guided mode to the Expert mode. In this mode, you’ll find that the images that you were previously working on will be showcased in variant effects. You’ll find a series of layers, more adjustment and filter options, masks and so on. The Expert mode gives you the advantage of not only editing your self-created images but also adjust the layer modes, repaint the masks and fine-tune the output as required. New users will be amazed when working on the Expert mode as it will be a great learning experience for them.


The Photoshop Elements 11 is a one-of-its-kind version that supports multiple actions and lets you perform complex editing tasks at ease. All in all, the Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is a more thoughtful, sophisticated tool that is comprised of some flashy features and an intuitive user interface. Not to mention, the extra filters are an added advantage.

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