Addictive games on mobile phones over the last 20 years

The mobile gaming industry is one that has seen incredibly growth over the last few years and the convenience and ease of access that it offers means that it is now more popular than console gaming with many people.

This year has brought hot new games for mobiles like Miku and the Sunken City, but here we will look at some of the more iconic ones from the last two decades.

1. Ridiculous Fishing

This free game for both the Android and iOS operating systems has become hugely popular, despite possessing a pretty simple premise. The graphics show a river full of fish and your task is to blow them out of the water with explosives.

The more you get, the more points you score and the oddball graphics and music combination saw it shortlisted for Game of the Year for 2013

2. Snake

The modern, mobile version of Snake first appeared as a free game on Nokia devices in 1998. It has since spawned hundreds of variants. Another very simple game, it sees the player have to move a dot within a restricted area with touching the sides, with this dot leaving an ever-longer ‘snake’ trail behind all the time.

Thus it gets harder the longer you play, which means it keeps getting more interesting.

3. Pokemon Go

mobile game

This free 2016 game for both Android and iOS mobiles has been an absolute phenomenon since its launch.

Like most other big mobile games it is a simple idea – you choose one of the three available Pokemon and then attempt to catch it by targeting the circle above it with the PokeBall. There are three different levels of difficulty, ensuring you don’t get bored with it easily.

4. Soccer Safari

This 2006 slot game based on the premise of an all-animal World Cup is free to download at mobile and iphone casinos and can be played for mere pennies. It stands out among the many slot games for the humour of the basic idea and the graphics – with the likes of warthogs and rhino on the five reels.

Furthermore, it offers you the potential to win serious money, either through the main jackpot or by accumulating winnings through free spins.

5. Candy Crush

Another free to download game for all mobile operating systems, although in-game purchases are required, 2012’s Candy Crush sees you work your way through levels featuring colourful candies.

The aim is to put together at least three of the same colour in a row, with matches of four or more helping you move forward more quickly. It is one of the more addictive puzzle games around.

These are all great games and the likes of Miku and the Sunken City may yet join it on similar lists in the future.

Mobile games have certainly gained mainstream popularity and they may overtake the pc and console gaming in future. Try these games today and see which one’s you’ll fall in love with.

Do let us know with your favorite mobile games in the comments below.